Food Revolution Cook-Off #7: Yogurt Pops

Food Revolution Cook-Off #7: Yogurt Pops

Thu 23 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

It’s the summer, or at least we think it is – London has been drenched in rain and feeling decidedly autumnal for June – but the sun is out today and when it’s hot the best cure is homemade cooling yogurt pops. So this week we chose them as our recipe of the week, they’re not only a great alternative to the sugary lollies found in regular stores but also a really great recipe to make with the kids – all you need is some frozen fruit of your choice, non-fat plain yogurt and a little honey to create a perfect refreshment for a hot summer’s day. And it’s not just the kids that will enjoy these - they also satisfy any adult with a sweet tooth, we made some and the whole office enjoyed them, with the consensus being ‘they’re delicious!’

Having launched Yogurt Pops at last week’s twitter competwition, we asked our Food Revolution Community to download this recipe, make their own at home and upload all their photos onto our Food Revolution Community page, where we also uploaded ours. Check out some of the Yogurt Pop creations we saw below.


Allissa Thimesch Banana, strawberry and blueberry yogurt pops (1)


Mara Panzarella Winder Strawberry yogurt pops, made with homemade fresh milk yogurt (2)
Mathidle van Smaalen Yogurt strawberry pops (3)
Pam Lawrence made yogurt pops made with her son & didn’t even need the honey! (4)
Caron Baker made yogurt pops with her son who had sore throat, he loved them and they helped make his feel better and brought a smile to his face! (5)
Yummy Mummy- Pineapple coconut yogurt pops (6)

The Food Revolution team had great fun making our Pops (7), adding some fresh strawberries to the mix for some extra sweetness! We also made the winning recipe from our Food Revolution Competwition in which the question asked was ‘What snack would you make with frozen fruits and what would you call it?’ The winning entry by Jenny Adkins was delicious Lavender-Lemon Blueberry Tarts made of frozen berries, fresh lemon juice, yogurt, lavender and mint mixed up and frozen in tart shells, yum!

Don’t worry if you missed out, you can still join the fun in this week’s Cook-Off. We want to get the whole of America cooking!

This week’s recipe is our delicious Cupcakes with a Berry Glaze, a simple sponge recipe with delicious berry glaze. You can add any toppings and icing you like if you want to jazz your cupcakes up.

If you are making these cupcakes then why not think about having a Food Revolution bake sale or even making some for your ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ show finale party.

Thanks to everyone who got involved with last week’s Cook-Off and made Yogurt Pops, we can’t wait to see your cupcakes, another good one for the kids!

The Food Revolution Team


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