Food Revolution Cook-Off: Bagged Lunches

Food Revolution Cook-Off: Bagged Lunches

Fri 16 Sep 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The second week of our new themed cook offs brought bagged lunches to the table. For many kids school lunch, and sometimes school breakfast as well, is their only source of food and nutrition each day and commonly they are being fed junk instead. This is increasing the risk of childhood obesity and diabetes.

For parents that can, bagged lunches can often seem like the only option so if you are bagging up your kids' lunches have fun and keep it fresh, seasonal and kid friendly however we must still campaign for better school food, expect more and demand better so that everyone can have a great meal at school.

Our community were bagging up some delicious lunches including sushi rolls, cracker-stackers, fresh pineapple, cucumber slices, chicken wrap, mushrooms and gluten-free Banana Bread. Check out some of the best from the community and find out about this week’s theme below.

Best From The Community

Rachel Ueki Bagged lunch: Chicken Caesar pita sandwich with homemade Caesar dressing and fresh pineapple.Recipe for Caesar dressing here (1)

Out of the Box Food My boys took this homemade Cracker-Stacker on the first day of school. Recipe & ingredient comparison to the Lunchable (2)

Erin Mary Lou Bubblegum Cucumbers, salad dressing, pretzels, two tiny sandwiches on whole wheat, watermelon, and strawberries. Not perfect yet, but on my way! (3)

Natasha Conrad Lunch from leftovers - A wrap filled with leftover chicken, leftover homemade pesto (combined with a little mayo), lettuce, tomato, cheese and carrot. Fruit salad comprised of pear, grapes, kiwi and be topped with natural yoghurt. Carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes for an additional snack.(4)

Jessica Hoisington Special lunch for the first day of Kindergarten (5)

Joi Burke Straaten Falafel w/Cucumber Yogurt Sauce, Pistachios & Raw Cashews, Gluten-free Banana Bread, Local Apples w/Fig Hazelnut Spread, & Strawberries! (6)

Kim Carter Gerber Lunch Box Sushi Rolls - Pop these smoked salmon, avocado & Cucumber rolls into any Bento lunch box for the kids (or grownups too!) Recipe (7)

Our Food Revolution Team bagged lunch (8) with cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, red grapes, an apple, wholegrain bread slices, half a chicken breast and carrot sticks was really fun to put together and we recommend that for your diary you add one of the following – a glass of pure white milk, a small chunk of cheese (about 20g) or a little pot of natural plain yoghurt (about 150g). Note that this meal was created by the Food Revolution Team as inspired by the Food Revolution community and has not been nutritionally checked or tested by Jamie’s Food Team.

Keep posting your bagged lunches on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page we love to see them and share them.

This week the theme is seasonal. We can’t go on enough about how great eating local, in-season food is. We know our community is pretty amazing and agree with us on this but we have to spread the message far and wide to make sure everyone eats fresh in-season foods. Using your local farmers market is also a great way to support your community.

Some great places online to find out about what is in season right now are Simple Steps, a nonprofit organization with a great map you can use and Epicurious’ Seasonal Ingredients Map with links to recipes. The wonderfully versatile and delicious corn is in season in September so why not try the Food Revolution Corn Chowder or make your own corn dish.

Post your seasonal dishes on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page and we’ll take a look and make our own seasonal Food Revolution Team recipe as inspired by you, our community!

You can find our entire Food Revolution Team cook off creations in our photo album.

Thank you to everyone who shared their bagged lunches, have fun with our seasonal theme this week.

The Food Revolution Team


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