Food Revolution Cook-Off: Frittata

Food Revolution Cook-Off: Frittata

Thu 11 Aug 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Can you believe that this is now our fourteenth Food Revolution cook off which means we have been cooking from scratch and from fresh together for over three months! We are really proud of this and have no intentions of stopping this cooking revolution so get everyone involved and post your pictures on the Food Revolution Community page or on Twitter so that we can track your progress and grow the scratch cooking movement.

This week our recipe of the week was a frittata, the humble egg turned glam in a pan with some delicious additions. The Food Revolution team chose spinach, red onion and feta and the community got creative adding delicious ingredients from zucchini flowers and garlic to tomatoes, rocket and yellow pepper. One of the community members, Thiago, ended up with scrambled egg rather than a frittata but the effort and taste will still be there. It is better to try to cook from scratch and still be able to sit down to a home cooked meal than not to try at all. Check out some of the community contributions below.


Out of the Box Food Potato Crusted Frittata with red bliss potatoes, olive oil & sea salt zucchini, red onion and zucchini flowers - Kids helped w/ the recipe...therefore they ate it and learned they liked zucchini! (1)

Thiago Heilbuth Tomatoes, rocket and chives. My fritatta attempt wasn't all too well. Guess I scrambled it! (2)

Theresa Vinciguerra Here is what my spinach frittata looks like. Make it like my Italian gran used to do. (3)

@theErbnGrilla yellow pepper frittata with rustic wholemeal homemade bread (4)

Tomáš Zajíček My simple frittata, made with young zucchini (sautéed with garlic and rosemary) and zucchini blossoms. (5)

Our team made the Food Revolution Spinach, Red Onion and Feta Frittata(6) with a garnish of feta and red grapes. It was really quick and a great tasty lunch for the team. Check out our team Recipes of the Week album for all of our photos.

Don’t worry if you missed out, you can still post your frittata creations on the Food Revolution Community page and join in with this week’s recipe of the week!

This week our recipe is Chicken Fajitas, a tasty crowd pleaser that everyone can help to make. Its great party food, one person can make the guacamole, another can make the salsa whilst you chop up the chicken and veg ready to grill and have the tortillas ready and warm.

We can’t wait to see your fajitas so remember to upload all your photos onto our facebook Food Revolution Community page or Twitter (@FoodRevTeam). We’ll be posting ours tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone for sharing your frittata recipes.

The Food Revolution Team


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