Food Revolution Cook-Off: Labor Day

Food Revolution Cook-Off: Labor Day

Thu 08 Sep 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day and enjoyed cooking for and with friends and family. Times of celebration always call for great food so it was a perfect start to our new themed cook offs where we pick a theme and ask you, our community, to post your recipes and pictures on the Food Revolution Community page – last week, your Labor Day creations.

The variety of recipes posted was inspiring and made us all hungry for a food celebration with salads, sweet treats and some simple, easy and tasty grilled chicken. Check out the creations below and find out about this week’s theme so that you can take part.

Best from the Community

Kim Gerber Meatless Monday Family Style for Labor Day – Portabello sliders (1)

Anita Patterson Duque Fresh organic arugula salad with fennel, cucumbers, toasted walnuts, parmesan, emon zest and lemon vinaigrette (2)

Lis Freemantle Skillet cornbread with green peppers & cheese (3)

Karen Humphrey Southwest Pasta with smoky chipotles, salty feta and roasted corn (4)

Kim Gerber Labor Day wknd desert – homemade ice cream sandwiches, made with oatmeal cookie recipe and filled with assortment of all natural ice cream (5)

Rene Bilodeau Home grown salad - get out and grow some food (6)

Thippi Fleckenstein Grilled chicken drumsticks (7)

We were drooling at all of the photos submitted on the Food Revolution Community page and decided to make mushroom sliders with a fresh arugula salad (8) as inspired by Kim (1) and Anita (2) – it was delicious!

If you have some photos of your Labor Day creations then do share them on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page.

This week the theme is bagged lunches. Whilst we would love all school lunches to be good enough for kids to eat, in a lot of cases it obviously isn’t so many parents prefer to bag up lunches for their children to take in. We want to know what you send them to school with – hopefully a well balanced and nutrition rich meal! Going local and seasonal when you can is always a great idea and including some fresh fruit. Why not take inspiration from the Food Revolution Simplest Fruit Salad Recipe.

Post your bagged lunches on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page and we’ll take a look and make our own Food Revolution Team bagged lunch as inspired by you, our community!

You can find our entire Food Revolution Team cook off creations in our photo album.

Thank you to everyone who shared their Labor Day recipes, we look forward to seeing your bagged lunches.

The Food Revolution Team


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