Food Revolution Cook-Off: School Lunch

Food Revolution Cook-Off: School Lunch

Thu 29 Sep 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

With the launch of The Best and Worst School Lunch Photo Wall this week, our recipe theme was school lunches. There are some great lunches out there and some not so great ones; we wanted to find out what you would like to be served on kids' lunch trays.

Lots of people tweeted and posted on the Facebook Food Revolution Community wall to tell us what they thought. See what they posted and the new recipe theme below.

Food Revolution Comments

Kathy Ogilvie My ideal school lunch is: Bean and Cheese Burritos (using homemade refried beans), Homemade Salsa, Brown Spanish Rice and Fresh Fruit Salad.

Marlene Grahn Homemade oven fries and homemade chicken nuggets, made with real chicken breasts cut up.

Terri Anderson Johnson Something easy! We love homemade soups, like tomato or leek, and fruit salads, as well as whole wheat veggie wraps and sushi. We are very fortunate that the school lunches where we're living right now (Africa) are mostly healthy and well balanced... Rice, chicken, veggies/salad.

Amanda Gabrielle Jones fresh organic and with use of naturally grown seasonings! And DEFINITELY no to Genetically Modified Foods. Not one GM ingredient and no food colorings nor hydrogenated oils. Also local ingredients as much as possible, less imported and more of what is the natural produce of the country.

Greta Alvarado I would like to see lots of salad options (or a salad bar with healthy choices) and some simple sandwiches like PB&J or grilled cheese on some really good bread.

Denise Antonia Foote Just to prove that not all school lunch is awful; today I made my kids (all 186 of them): Mac and cheese with whole wheat pasta, local cheddar and sweet potatoes and cauliflower "hidden" in the sauce; a salad bar with 8 kinds of local produce, quinoa salad, hummus, roasted chick peas, and a black beans salad; 4 different kinds of local fruit; cottage cheese; homemade granola; and homemade, lowfat salad dressings.

Alanna Morgan Whole wheat bread with cream cheese and apple slices. Cucumber and grape tomatos, grapes and a homemade cookie. And a reuseable bottle of water.

Food Revolution Community Photos

Maggie Driscoll Old-School Lunches: Back in the day, Mom's wrapped sandwiches in wax paper. This was before plastic zip-lock bags. Our lunches stayed perfectly fresh and wax paper breaks down in landfills (unlike plastic). What if we all stopped packing lunches in disposable plastic bags? (1)

Danielle Japp-Teeter my dear friend asked me to post this here - to show kids can have fun and healthy lunches (2)

Lunchalicious Making lunch time nutritious and FUN is what we do best! Here is a sample of what some of our little customers get to enjoy in Victoria BC! (3) Fresh tomato and basil soup. Can’t go wrong with garden fresh veggies!!! (4)

Bobbi Platte One of our favorite lunches for school or on the go are chemical free turkey and medium cheddar romaine wraps paired with lots of fresh fruit and veg. This is a photo of lunches I packed for my family so that we could avoid eating out when having to run errands. The stainless steel tiffins pictured can be found at World Market and the turkey breast I buy is the full cooked breast sold under the Kirkland brand name. (5)

Mommy of 3 peas So , I went in to check on my kids for breakfast at school this morning and this is what they fed them for breakfast....Ya, I will be packing lunches from now on , But CHEETOS with cereal and milk come on know ....This is a school breakfast I have to pay 75 cents for each morning (6)

You can upload pictures of your local school’s lunches on The Best and Worst School Lunch Photo Wall. We want to celebrate innovation where it’s happening and light a fire for change where it’s needed.

This isn’t about criticizing school nutrition staff – it’s about a real conversation concerning the state of school food.

This week the recipe theme is vegetarian. If you usually eat a lot of meat is a great idea to cut down and have some meat free meals. What are your favorite vegetarian dishes? Share your photos on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page, we’ll take a look and make a shortlist of the best next week!

Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and photos on school lunches, have fun with our Photo Wall and vegetarian theme this week.

The Food Revolution Team


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