Food Revolution Cook-Off: Seasonal Foods

Food Revolution Cook-Off: Seasonal Foods

Thu 22 Sep 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Eating seasonal foods is a no brainer. Sometimes it seems we have come so far from our roots that we think it is normal to be able to eat any kind of fresh produce all year round. Eating what is in-season, grown locally and cooked from fresh has come to sound like a novelty or only to be enjoyed by a lucky few but it is the most humble way to eat and makes the most sense. Most of us, if we search for it, will be able to find local producers and farmers markets to buy from and will not only reap the health benefits and have the opportunity to pass on great food knowledge to the next generation but also be supporting our communities.

With this week’s seasonal theme our community shared some great meals, snacks and recipe ideas from a simple apple to stuffed veggies, chicken crock pot and eggs on toast. See the highlights from the community and next week’s theme below.

Best from the Community

Maggie Driscoll Here's one of my favorite Seasonal Foods – my Pumpkin Cranberry Bread. I like to use whole wheat pastry flour, dried cranberries and lots of nutmeg & cinnamon. This smells SO GOOD coming out of the oven! (1)

Beth Ellen Holimon Seasonal. A special treat on my son's first day of Kindergarten. (2)

Brenna Scarrott Egg on toast with farmer's market tomatoes, fresh thyme, rosemary, mint, parsley and oregano from my aunt's garden, feta cheese, salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil. (3)

Fatih Kaya Leaf beet salad with avocado, at Istanbul Kitchen's Academy. (4)

Kim Carter Gerber Seasonal "Fresh Cucumber Salad" inspired by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, created by my 7 year old son, and enjoyed by the entire family. Recipe & story (5)

Maggie Driscoll Another Seasonal Food favorite of mine: stuffed veggies! I like whole grains, turkey sausage and cheese in the veggies. Comfort food. (6)

The Perfect Thyme Chicken Crock Pot Recipe (7)

Our Food Revolution Team took inspiration from Maggie Driscoll’s seasonal contributions, in particular her stuffed veggies. We grilled some red peppers (8) and stuffed them with lightly fried onions, garlic and mushrooms mixed in to freshly made cous cous with fresh tomatoes and chopped parsley. It was so easy to make, full a flavor and all the produce was bought from our local corner shop with a great selection of in-season fresh veg. Note that this meal was created by the Food Revolution Team as inspired by the Food Revolution community and has not been nutritionally checked or tested by Jamie’s Food Team.

Keep posting your seasonal creations on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page we love to see them and share them.

This week the theme is school lunch as we warm up to the new Food Revolution School Lunch project launching next week. School lunch is at the heart of Jamie’s campaign, the Food Revolution is here to demand better from government when it comes to the meals being served to children. There are some great school lunches out there but it is the not so good ones that need to be tackled and improved to save our kids health. So this week we want you to have a little imagination and create a delicious school lunch, remember this ideally needs to include a portion of grain, protein, fruit, veg and milk.

Post your ideas for a great school lunch on the Facebook Food Revolution Community page, we’ll take a look and make a shortlist of the best next week!

You can find our entire Food Revolution Team cook off creations in our photo album.

Thank you to everyone who shared their seasonal dishes, have fun with our school lunch theme this week.

The Food Revolution Team


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