Food Revolution Cook Off: Winter Warming Soups

Food Revolution Cook Off: Winter Warming Soups

Fri 09 Dec 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

This week our Food Revolution recipe theme was all about winter warming soups! We wanted to know what your favorite soups are for warming you up on a cold winter’s day. Our suggestion was our Corn Chowder, an easy and delicious recipe to make and one of the ultimate comfort foods, perfect for this time of year!

Corn Chowder is a great dish as you can add lots of different ingredients in order to make it as hearty as possible, as some of our community members discovered!

Paula Clavell Fredrikson I made it last night and added cooked crab at the same time I added the corn. It was very good!

Sharon Badian My recipe for a corn chowder. Uses up turkey leftovers too!

Community Members Soup Photos

Kim Gerber Beef and Vegetable Soup (1) really warms the soul on a cold winter's night. Get the recipe here.

Thippi Fleckenstein made 3 winter warming soups! Momma Chanh's Spicy Red Curry Soup, (2), an all time favorite go to easy soup, Chili! (3), and beef vegetable stew featuring banana peppers & fresh Marjoram (4).

The Food Revolution team had a delicious homemade lentil soup (5) served with a dollop of natural yogurt and topped with cilantro.

Some Of Our Community's Favorite Soups:

Corbin Dallas My fav soup... A nice hearty borscht! If I am able to get them I like to use the farm fresh produce from the local farmers... 100 km or less. It always tastes better then when the produce comes from the grocery store.

Beth Carroll One of my favorite simple soups just involves blending lots of veggies with broth and either garlic or ginger. Easy way to clean out the fridge and get tons of veggies in a warm, comforting dinner at the same time!

Mark Bregman Delicious Yam & Carrot Soup.

Kyle Jackson Maple-roasted butternut squash soup with Moroccan spices and lentils.

Nanette Larson Berezhnaya Good ole chicken soup with buckwheat, made from scratch including the stock and roasted chicken.

Lisa Claydon Spicy Asian Fish's my recipe.

Ann McGriffin Curried pumpkin!

Join This Week's Food Revolution Cook-Off!

Just in time for the party season, this week’s recipe theme is all about Cookies! Cookies are a great recipe for kids to help with so why not get them in the kitchen this Christmas and whip up some cookie creations!

Try our Food Revolution Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies (perfect with a glass of cool, white milk!), or share with us your favorite cookie recipes, either way be sure to snap a picture and upload to our Food Revolution Community page.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your favorite soups with us this week, we can't wait to see all your cookies!

The Food Revolution Team


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