Food Revolution Day 2013 in Salt Lake City

Food Revolution Day 2013 In Salt Lake City

Wed 24 Apr 2013

Story by Lindsay LaPaugh-Scribellito

When I first started thinking about Food Revolution Day 2013 my mind wandered all over the place. I wanted to go to schools and work hands on with kids and food, I wanted to have a picnic where everyone made a dish to pass, I even pictured having a whole block party in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. Then I stopped and asked myself, what do I want people to get out of Food Revolution Day?

First and foremost there has to be good quality, real foods. But I also wanted people to come away from the event and have learned something about food.

I’m an educator so when I’m planning an event my first step is to start with what I want the outcome to be. Once I nailed down a picture of what I wanted the day to look like I started to contact people in my community. Being a holistic health coach I already had a pretty good community to network with.

I started with the people I knew from the community and reached out to find out who would like to support Food Revolution Day and get involved. Once I got a few health coaches on board I found an amazing restaurant, Grilla Bites located in Downtown Salt Lake City who was more than willing to partner up and let us use their space to have games and activities that people could participate in. Of course we have to have good food and Grilla Bites has the perfect menu. I can get a wheatgrass shot and have a variety of vegan and gluten free dishes to choose from, and my husband can get a local grass fed bison burger. Not many places have a variety of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and grass fed meat options, so I knew the menu would satisfy everyone no matter how picky they might be.

The key to getting Food Revolution Day together in Salt Lake City has truly been working with the community and getting people involved. We’ve got great activities for adults and kids to participate in throughout the evening, as well as chance to win prizes from local food companies and none of it would be possible if I hadn’t reached out and asked for support from other likeminded people.

Check out this event in Salt Lake City here. If you want to get involved in Food Revolution Day visit and join thousands of others across the world in getting together with others in their community and teaching them about food!

About the Author: Lindsay LaPaugh-Scribellito is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach who graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After working a few years in public school, she became inspired and motivated to educate and empower children and families to learn how to eat healthy. Lindsay is the owner of Soul Food Living where she works with families and individuals to help them live happy, healthy and inspired lives! Find out more information at or at


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