Food Revolution Day and A Disco Salad in Austria

Food Revolution Day And A Disco Salad In Austria

Tue 26 Mar 2013

Story by Marko Ertl

How “Wiener Schmäh” can bring you to a Disco Salad and 3 things you can learn from it.

In Vienna, Austria we have something called the “Wiener Schmäh”. It is the melancholic, sarcastic way people talk here and how they seem to be complaining about nearly everything in a humorous way. It is this spirit of not being content with anything, which led me to question one of the best things in life, food.

Back in 2011 I was complaining about the fact that it is so damn hard to get real, delicious food in your day to day life without having to dedicate some time to all the prep work and cooking. After some research it was obvious that I had to be the one to get this job done. My Co-Founder Matthias had the same vision and together we stopped complaining and started to move.

We are the founders of Wrapstars and Food Revolution Ambassadors in Vienna organizing the first Food Revolution Day and Disco Salad in Austria and I will share my top 3 lessons learned on my way to the Disco.

But first I will explain why we chose this format and what a Disco Salad is.

The Disco Salad


• We want to show everybody that making healthy and delicious meals is “childsplay”.
• We want to raise awareness for the massive amount of food waste production
• We want to celebrate the prep work, which many people hate
• We want to educate children in a practical manner about food in general and how to use it


At a Disco Salad, vegetables and fruits, which cannot be sold by markets, farmers and other vendors, due to specific requirements by law are collected and brought to the location. At this location people gather and celebrate the unpopular work of cutting and prepping all the ingredients into the bits and pieces necessary to create delicious Disco Salads, Soups, Smoothies etc. The whole process is guided by great music (it’s a Disco) and the food gets distributed for free.

As probably can be guessed by our Why, our target audience is kids. We believe they are our future and their curiosity can be inspiring for anybody. As a result, they will be the stars of our event and do everything, from prepping to cooking to distribution, with a little help from adults.

It all looks so easy on paper but I know it can be tough to get things rolling. Here are my top 3 Disco Salad lessons learned.

1. Stick to your goal but be flexible on your way:
We first started with a completely different concept, which was in a different location, really big and involved a lot of other companies. We soon realized that the effect of this kind of event would be really small compared to the immense workload needed to organize it.

As a result, we went 2 steps back and came up with the Disco Salad. The goal is the same but we chose a different track, which creates more value.

2. Get the details right
We were very quick with our choice of location, independent of the concept of our event, which was a mistake. The first location was pretty far away from the center, big and safe from weather influences. However, on May the 17th, a day people go to work and kids to school, it would be extremely hard to get all the people to an event, which is not known in Austria and happens for the first time.

We needed something more central, easy to reach, visual and with a lot of people walking by randomly. We got the details right and switched the location.

3. Be bold and just do it
Only 2 days passed from the moment we realized that we need to change our location until the confirmation of the new location. As explained in the second learning, we got the details right, made a list of locations, which have these attributes, visited these locations for a live inspection and then started to talk to the right people. We called up the most senior person responsible and pitched our event. The next day our location was confirmed.

Right now we are trying to get Bon Jovi to our event. We do not know the perfect way to achieve this but we do not need to. There is never enough time left and there is never a better time than right now, so be bold and just do it.

About the author: Marko Ertl is a 24 years old Slovakian born and raised in Austria, who studied business with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship. With his friend Matthias Kroisz he is Co-Founding Wrapstars the first gourmet food truck in Vienna, so everybody can get real food everywhere.


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