Food Revolution Day At Work In The Netherlands

Food Revolution Day At Work In The Netherlands

Tue 18 Jun 2013

Story by Muriel Strobos

I joined the Food Revolution to share my passion for real food and to share the skills that I have learned throughout the years.

For Food Revolution Day 2013 I wanted to share my ideas on improving the snack and lunch culture at the workplace. I had quite a challenge ahead as I work at an international business school, and in the week of Food Revolution Day 2013, there would be about 40 MBA students in-house and 15 staff members.

As a result of our busy schedule, my passionate challenge soon became a daunting one, until I got inspired by the ‘Food Revolution Day in the Workplace’ Google+ Hangout video shared by the Food Revolution community. To add to my inspiration I got Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals as a birthday present from Zara, our oldest daughter.

So off I went, inspired by the video and the book, cheered on by my husband and our daughters, collecting all the bits and pieces I found necessary to make my first Food Revolution Day 2013 a success.

Keeping It Simple

As the catering department at the business school is a busy one, I didn’t want to interfere with their already tight schedule. Together with my colleagues we agreed to Keep It Simple Stupid.

Throughout the week, we decided to make smoothies and other wholesome morning snacks like granola bars, fresh veggie kebabs, berry yoghurt and carrot walnut muffins.

Due to health regulations we are not allowed to prepare cooked meals at the workplace, so I made the granola bars and carrot walnut muffins at home. The smoothies, berry yoghurt and fresh veggie kebabs were made at the workplace. It was inspiring to see how everyone got involved, all sharing ideas, skills and tastes. Our smoothies together with the granola bars were a big hit!

The feedback we received from the students and staff was amazing! To our surprise, we even featured in the Student Feedback Questionnaires with comments like: “Great to see the participation in such a wholesome food programme”; “So nice and fresh to have a smoothie at this time of the day” and “a great way to get our senses activated in a different way”!

My Revolution didn’t end there. Through my Food Revolution Day 2013 actions, I actually managed to inspire the catering staff to relook at the current menu! I’ll be sure to bring some of Jamie’s books along for more inspiration.

About the author: Muriel Strobos - Gerdzen (35) was born in The Netherlands and lived since her teens on Curacao (Dutch Caribbean), in Cape Town (South Africa) and in Barcelona (Spain). Inspired by all her journeys, she creates heart warming and wholesome meals for friends and family and shares her recipes on Muriel has great memories of sitting on the counter top watching her parents prepare simple family dinners and at times fancy meals for special occasions. Later she too started cooking and it soon become her way of life. Get inspired on


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