Food Revolution Day Causes a Stir for Maine Island Hospital

Food Revolution Day Causes A Stir For Maine Island Hospital

Fri 28 Jun 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Mount Desert Island Hospital Launches Their Obesity Prevention Program on Food Revolution Day.

For Mount Desert Island Hospital in Maine, Food Revolution Day on May 17 was not just a one-time event. Food Revolution Day successfully launched their new childhood obesity prevention campaign designed to keep the children of the island healthy. Their new program hopes to increase healthy eating habits and exercise through ideas such as nutrition counselling, physical therapy, and community involvement.

From Farm to Fork

There was no better way to involve the community then by participating in the Food Revolution Day international campaign. Their event combined a cooking class and open house called From Farm to Fork. It united local families with farmers, growers, and businesses, whose food was used at the event. Bar Harbor Hannaford, Smith Family Farm, Bahner Family Farm, and Brown Family Farm generously provided local ingredients such as buckwheat flower, greens, pork, seafood, and fresh milk.

Chef Sam Keene taught a hands-on pasta making session during the cooking class. He also shared recipes for a variety of dishes, such as fiddlehead pesto, rustic buckwheat bread, seared scallops with oven-dried tomatoes and pickled fiddleheads, and Maine cider braised pork. Members of the community popped in to help with creating each dish while Chef Keene made a Maine seafood stew for everyone.

A United Community

Thanks to the success of the event, the MDI YMCA has also expressed their interest in the childhood obesity prevention campaign of the hospital and is looking to partner with them. The Food Revolution Day event did exactly what Mount Desert Island Hospital hoped it would do. It connected local farmers and businesses with schools, parents, and children to promote a life of health and wellbeing.

The hospital’s hope is that the community will continue to unite together to promote wholesome family meals and increased physical activity in not only schools and the workplace, but also at home.

The Food Revolution Team


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