Food Revolution Day: Fruits and Veggies Class for Kids

Food Revolution Day: Fruits And Veggies Class For Kids

Tue 25 Jun 2013

Story by Stacy Whitman

As a volunteer ambassador for the Food Revolution I was very excited to take part in my first Food Revolution Day on May 17. Food Revolution Day is a global day of action to raise awareness about the importance of good food and encourage people everywhere to share their culinary skills and knowledge.

Fruits and Veggies Class

Ambassadors were encouraged to get involved by planning a Food Revolution Day event. Plan an event?!? Initially, the thought of it gave me anxiety. What kind of event did I want to plan? Then, suddenly, it hit me: I wanted to do something special for kids at my twins’ preschool.

After all, research shows that teaching kids how to cook and eat properly from an early age are more likely to have healthy eating habits later in life. So I organized a Fruits & Veggies class for 22 kids–including my own.

Offered by our local botanical garden as part of its new School Outreach program, the hour-long class, taught by Tammy Hood, was hands-on and interactive. The kids learned the difference between fruits and vegetables, chopped (and nibbled) carrots and celery with a kid-safe veggie chopper, and snacked on yogurt with honey and berries. They also “planted” snow pea seeds to take home.

Keeping a bunch of fidgety young kids engaged is no easy task, but Tammy kept them interested with songs and activities. And for those who think still think the children must have been bored, we have Food Revolution Day 2013: The Music Video to prove them wrong.

Food Education in Schools

It’s time to get food education in our schools!

As I’ve witnessed with my own brood, kids are more likely to taste and enjoy new foods that they help grow, cook or prepare, or are connected to in some way. Seeing other children eat an unfamiliar food just may be the encouragement that a reluctant eater needs to give it a try. And since many kids aren’t always educated about food at home, the school setting can play a very important role in helping children learn to love the stuff that will love them back.

That’s why I’m super-excited about the new Get Food Education in Every School campaign! Co-sponsored by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Food Day, the initiative aims to make schools the place for children to learn about food, where it comes from and how it affects their bodies. If you like the idea of food education in ALL schools, I urge you to sign up to show your support.

About the author: Stacy Whitman is the real-food lovin’ mom behind the blog School Bites: One Mom’s Crusade for Better Nourished Kids at School (and at Home!). She invites you to join the conversation on her Facebook page or Twitter, or check out her boards on Pinterest.


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