Food Revolution Day in North Carolina Grows Even Stronger!

Food Revolution Day In North Carolina Grows Even Stronger!

Wed 29 May 2013

Story by Joelle Gillooly

I was thrilled to be part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day for a second year! Before I was chosen as a Food Revolution Ambassador, I was met with so much resistance by parents, schools, and the general public. Thanks Jamie and the Food Revolution for helping me convince people to listen!

Food Education for Kids

Here’s the 411. We started off with Food Education at a local preschool. I taught about eating from the rainbow and foods that grow from the Earth. This is the same preschool that in year one, denied me any access, in year two, allowed me to teach two classes, and in year three (this year), approached me to teach seven classes. Can you say progress?!

For Food Revolution Day this year I partnered with Whole Foods Market and we collaborated on a worksheet for kids to do during the food education session. Whole Foods also provided the kids with a rainbow real food snack.

Next up was the Western Wake Farmers’ Market where we offered a Kids’ Food Tour. This was a bust since no one showed up, but we still reached out to shoppers and provided info on wellness committees for local schools, bookmarks with a list of local Farmers Markets, and the official Food Revolution Day coloring sheet.

Kids Cooking Class

The biggie was our 3 ˝ hour event with Whole Foods Market in Cary. The guys at Whole Foods were a great partner and stand behind the mission of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. We rocked a Kids’ Cooking Class with whole-grain veggie pitas and cucumber dressing, followed by super fruit with coconut whipped cream. An amazing 12-year old foodie and volunteer helped lead the class and the dollars raised went to the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation to be used here in the US for better Food Education. Woot! Even the rain didn’t stop us from having a great time watching the kids do family Zumba.

Super smoothies followed, along with rounds of cornhole and two food education stations. Building creative veggie creatures was a hit! There were several other crafts and even live music. Chef Alyssa came out to offer REAL FRESH Seasonal tastings of Zucchini Bites and Potato Bites, along with Brown Rice Crispy treats made with honey. Delish!

Did I mention my 25 fabulous VOLUNTEERS? I could not have pulled this off without them so massive thanks. I believe here in Cary, NC, we shouted the message of Cook It, Share It, Live It loud and proud!

About the Author: Joelle Gillooly RDH BS is a passionate Health and Wellness Advocate for children. She has had experience in the Health and Fitness industry for over 15 years. All of her paths led her to become a Voluntary Ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Cook it. Share it. Live it. Help keep the movement going? Facebook: FoodRevNC Twitter: @FoodRevNC


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