Food Revolution Day in São Paulo!

Food Revolution Day In São Paulo!

Mon 30 Apr 2012

Story by Sofia Fortuna

I love the passion Jamie puts into food and his effort to pass the message on. I've always wanted to do something similar so when I heard about Food Revolution Day I realised this was my chance to start doing something and to share my passion for real food - I’ve been cooking since I was 10 years old and so I know how great the feeling of being free to make your own food and not having to rely on the processed and unhealthy is.

Ambassador for São Paulo

As the Ambassador of the Food Revolution Day in São Paulo, Brazil, I started getting in contact with different organizations, institutions, restaurants, chefs and nutritionists to see if they were interested in joining in and taking part on Food Revolution Day. Everyone loved the idea and it was insane how many answered so quickly! So we started to plan everything and now it looks that we will have an awesome Food Revolution Day in São Paulo.

Cachoeira Tropical Restaurants

The 3 Cachoeira Tropical (Tropical Waterfall) restaurants will be launching a special balanced menu on May 19th for the Food Revolution Day. Each will have a Nutrition team named "Viver é Saúde" (Health is to Live) who at 2pm will be giving a free class and orientation to both adults and children on food and nutrition, and helping people make better choices when it comes to food.

Pic Chic Revolution Day

We’ll also be having a picnic named ‘Pic Chic Revolution Day’ at Parque da Aclimação (Aclimação Park) hosted by a well-recognized Chef, Checho Gonzales, and the journalist Nina Loscalzo. They are planning this wonderful picnic for free and have invited other chefs and entrepreneurs who are involved with this type of action such as Chef Tatiana Cardoso - from the well-known Vegetarian Restaurant ‘Moinho de Pedra’, Nardi Davidson - owner of the 1st organic market in São Paulo ‘Quintal dos Organicos’ (Organics back yard) and Diego Badaró - owner of the organic chocolate brand AMMA. Each will come and share their knowledge on healthy food habits and choices and along with their own experiences.

The Pic Chic will be followed by a walk in the park with a personal trainer to help highlight the importance of regular exercise and activity in maintaining a healthy life. The event will start at 10am and will finish at 6pm and food and drinks will be provided for free.

Workshop Parque Ibirapuera

Francine Lima, a journalist who works with food issues and, Maluh Barciote, a Nutritionist, will be at Ibirapuera Park with a workshop full of activities to teach people how to read labels and what they actually mean, nutrition facts about processed food and tips for choosing better produce at the supermarket.

Street Market Tour and Walk in Ibirapuera Park

I'll be hosting this event, a street market tour and walk, with Beatriz Leite - a nutritionist specialized in healthy food choices and shopping, and Fabio Marino - a personal trainer. Beatriz will be responsible for orienting the group and teaching ways to buy better and in a more balanced way and Fabio Marino will walk the group around the park and explain the benefits of including activities and sports in life.

Cooking Classes At Aflel Restaurant

Italian chef Mylenne M. will give a cooking on how to include better sustainable choices in their kitchen at Aflel Restaurant, the oldest vegetarian restaurant in São Paulo on Friday the 18th.

This is what we have sorted so far, but there are many other activities being planned, including a great group of nutritionists planning to provide classes to school children.

We’re excited to bring Food Revolution Day to São Paulo, in my opinion when you do something you love and share it with the people surround you, there is no way to make it wrong.

About the author: Sofia Fortuna is the Food Revolution Day Ambassador for São Paulo, Brazil. Sofia has been cooking since she was 10 years old and loves to keep and active life in order to maintain good health.


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