Food Revolution Day Is Over, But The Movement Continues!

Food Revolution Day Is Over, But The Movement Continues!

Wed 30 May 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Are you still basking in the buzz of the first ever Food Revolution Day? We definitely are! Thanks to the amazing effort of thousands of people around the world, our inaugural global food festival was a great success.

664 cities in 62 countries were represented on our map with 1,000 real food celebrations taking place across the weekend. There were 460 local food events spanning as far north as Kenai, Alaska and as far south as Tasmania, Australia, and 541 dinner parties circled the globe, as far east as Aukland, New Zealand and west as Lahaina, Hawaii.

The conversation also extended from on the ground into cyberspace, reaching over 14,600,000 people around the world via social networks. On May 19th @foodrev was the third most mentioned user globally on twitter.

At last count, we have read stories about Food Revolution Day on over 350 blogs from 37 different countries, and amazingly over 19,000 photos of #realfood were posted to instagram.

May 19 May Have Passed But The Food Revolution Is Not Over!

In fact, it has only just begun! Food Revolution Day was a kick-start; a day of action to unite food revolutionaries around the world and to generate energy to make change. Now’s the time to channel that energy and keep the momentum going…

• Check out the videos to hear what people around the world have to say about food education, and if you haven’t yet, add your voice to the site.

• Download and share our ebooks to learn how to make small changes at home, at work, at school or in everyday life that will make a big difference.

• Stay connected with those in your community that you met on the 19th of May, and work together to make changes in your local areas. Try new recipes and commit to a real food dinner with your family or friends monthly, or weekly, or daily. Share your knowledge and expertise with those around you and help bring food education back.

There are lots of ways to continue the movement in your area and get your community excited about the Food Revolution. So don’t stop now! Make sure you are following the Food Revolution on both Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all our news and to take actions to bring food education back and continue the real food movement.

Thanks again to everyone who stood up for real food and supported Food Revolution Day.

The Food Revolution Team

If you raised money on the night, but haven’t yet donated it you can do so through the ‘donate’ option at Simply select the ‘donate’ button on the right hand side of the red banner and then your country. Alternatively if you do not wish to donate online, you can email us for more details.

From top right to bottom left:, Food Revolution Team, @FoodRevKW, Amanda Wendt and Lela Mishibivili


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