Food Revolution Group of the Week: Lawrence, KS

Food Revolution Group Of The Week: Lawrence, KS

Thu 16 Jun 2011

Story by Kris Adair

I come from a low-income family with a mother who tried to feed us well. She was not a good cook so her attempts went over very poorly. When I had children of my own I suddenly realized that I needed to learn how to feed them healthy food.

My first attempts were complete failures. So I set out to learn more - I did not want my children to be the ones who would only eat macaroni and cheese or peanut butter sandwiches. My only hope was to learn to cook.

I invited 22 month old Audrey to learn with me. Along the way I created a blog showcasing the cooking adventures we were undertaking. A little bit after that came the time of the first season of the Food Revolution. The show grabbed me but the social media chatter was an even greater grab. Every cool mom I followed on Twitter was talking about The Revolution. It changed my thinking about food, schools, nutrition, and children.

My girls are young. They are not in school so I am in control (mostly) of what they are offered to eat. And yet I worry. I worry about the day they do start school and want a school lunch. I worry about sleepovers and play dates. I also want my girls to have information and knowledge about food so they can make good choices on their own.

We joined a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), we visit our farmer’s market weekly and have started a small garden. The girls think it is fun. I am just so thankful that they are starting to try new foods. And they will grow up knowing how to cook.

My youngest is now excited to help momma in the kitchen. She is 22 months old. Both girls fight over picking lettuce from our garden or watering the plants. They help me make dinner most nights and muffins when we have time. I am so happy about our progress. It has not only taught us about good food but has given us something fun to do together. The Food Revolution has opened my eyes and given me a place to start.

I created the Lawrence, KS Food Revolution group to become more involved in the Food Revolution and to start gathering information about our local community as it pertains to health and nutrition. We have a wonderful local food community and it would be great to hold some public cooking events to help educate on healthy eating.

Our Facebook Community is small but growing. It mainly consists of local parents and foodies. We are going to talk with our local food coop and farmers market about cross promotion.

We are still trying to build connections and get involved. We communicate with our community through both our group and our blog

This summer we are going to hold a bake sale for Share Our Strength and get better connected with the local foodies. We also hope to grow more members for our group to spread the word. It is a challenge but it is one we look forward to.

About the author: Kris Adair is a foodie, mother of 2 and founder of the Lawrence, KS Food Revolution Group


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