Food Revolution Group of the Week: Bluegrass

Food Revolution Group Of The Week: Bluegrass

Thu 02 Jun 2011

Story by Jenny Adkins

The Bluegrass Food Revolution is based in Woodford County, Kentucky, centrally located between Lexington and Frankfort. We welcome members from all over Kentucky who are interested in advocating for healthier foods in our homes and communities.

We are in the early stages of forming and gathering group members at this point. The focus of our group is to enroll new members who are interested in making lasting, positive change in their communities. The central pillar of our group is that healthy eating habits begin at home, which is why the Food Revolution must begin in our own kitchens. It is only when we change our personal eating and cooking habits that we can move forward with impacting our community.

The vision for the Bluegrass Food Revolution is to educate and encourage people to implement healthy change in their kitchens. One easy way to do this is to grab a copy of Jamie's Food Revolution cookbook and start cooking!

The next step is to encourage members to challenge their friends and families to follow suit. As the community starts getting serious about healthy eating habits, change can begin to infiltrate critical food battlegrounds, such as schools, restaurants, and hospitals.

When our group is more solidified, we will begin to meet to encourage each other and to discuss ways to move forward in our communities. During the summer months, we hope to grow in number and educate members on school food issues. The first major goal of the Bluegrass Food Revolution will be to get sugary, flavored milk out of our publicly funded schools. We believe that just as public schools are committed to academic excellence, they should also be committed to teaching our children healthy eating habits, starting in the cafeteria.

Woodford County in particular already implements healthy options by offering wheat buns, whole fruit, and chef salad options in the cafeterias. However, we can take it one step further. We believe that Kentucky should be a leader in eliminating flavored milk in our cafeterias and thereby setting a standard of nutrition excellence in our state and nation. Children do not need to be taught to rely on sugar to enjoy healthy options, like milk.

With the obesity and diabetes crises in our nation, we owe it to our kids to make this decision for their health and for their future.

About the author: Jenny Adkins is the founder of the Bluegrass Food Revolution Community group


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