Food Revolution Shake Up in Vienna

Food Revolution Shake Up In Vienna

Wed 20 Nov 2013

Story by Sarah Curl

Jamie is traveling to Germany this week to meet some Food Revolutionaries who are creating change throughout Germany. During his trip, he will be meeting with two of our amazing Ambassadors in Vienna, Marko Ertl and Matthias Kroisz, whom have been instrumental in starting a Food Revolution in Austria.

Marko explained the reason he and Matthias originally got involved as Ambassadors in July 2012 was because they wanted to "join the movement and spread its utmost important message in Vienna, as a starting point for change in Austria. We want to connect with like-minded people in our city to learn from each other and build a strong network."

Since then, Ambassadors Marko and Matthias have been creating a Food Revolution throughout Austria. Over the past year, they have focused on creating amazing Food Revolution Day events, meeting with the Ministry of Health in Vienna to work on food policy as well as work with an amazing team of volunteers to ensure change is happening all year around.

Food Revolution Day 2013 and 2014

Marko and Matthias put on a Disco Salad for kids during this past Food Revolution Day 2013. What is that, you ask? They had 150 kids cut up 180 kg of fruits and vegetables and prep them into delicious salads and smoothies in order to hand them out to people in the inner city of Vienna for free. You can check out their amazing Food Revolution Day 2013 video here.

The Austrian duo is already planning Food Revolution Day 2014. They want to go for a world record attempt to make the biggest disco salad ever made with even more kids and adults in the inner city of Vienna.

Ministry of Health of Austria

This past summer, Marko and Matthias were invited by the Ministry of Health in Austria to brainstorm and talk about the future of school food. The Ministry of Health admired Marko and Matthias’ work on their Food Revolution Day 2013 event and wanted to get them more involved in bringing new ideas to food policy.

Marko and Matthias said they visited the "vom Schulbuffet zum Coolbuffet" meetup, during which “the ministry of health, various school canteen managers and other institutions gathered to brainstorm solutions for better food for our kids. There were various brainstorming session to find new solutions to old problems (how to get kids to eat better food and how to get school restaurant managers to sell better food).

Why eating real food can be fun

Over the past year, Marko and Matthias have drawn attention to the importance of real food as well as food education and policy. Marko says that throughout all this, “seeing all these kids celebrating healthy food (a thing many people see as boring and a buzz kill) was inspiring for everybody. Being bold, discovering new things and just trying… it is all normal to kids. It’s this childlike attitude that brought us here to meet Jamie and other great persons. Stop being so serious, stop over talking and overthinking everything. Eating healthy tastes good and can be fun for everyone. Inspire your community by being more like a child. It’s about taking your time to be creative and experience the world.”

Marko and Matthias want to thank all their volunteers and supporters who have helped them make Food Revolution Vienna the biggest it can be!

Follow Marko and Matthias real food adventures in Vienna on their Food Revolution Facebook page as well as Marko’s and Matthias’ Twitter pages.

About the Author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.
Twitter: @sarahanncurl


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