Food Revolution Twitter Party #6

Food Revolution Twitter Party #6

Thu 19 May 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

This week’s party conversations were all focused around the issue of sugary milk and beverages and how to try and reduce our intake of excessive sugar. There were some great ideas such as coming up with tasty and healthy alternatives and tackling schools to do the same. See below for details of next week’s party.

Twitter Party #6: Wednesday May 18th 2011 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Winner of the Food Revolution ‘Omelet Fillings’ Competwition was announced:

Tender Vixen
Selena -lepetitreve: ‘Tender Vixen’ 3 eggs whipped with diced chives, make omelette. grill asparagus w butter & sea salt, fold in with crumbled feta. #foodrevcomp

We’ll be cooking this tomorrow along with the Food Revolution omelet recipes so look out for our photos on the Food Revolution Community page.

Next Competwition is Tuesday May 24th - 6pm PST / 9pm EST


Q1. What do you think about the amount of sugar there is in flavored milk? #foodrevparty

Q2. Have you joined us in asking for only plain, white milk to be served in schools? #foodrevparty

Q3. What alternatives do you have instead of sugary drinks? #foodrevparty

Q4. Do you think it’s possible to help public schools in the US eliminate sugary milk at meal times? #foodrevparty


Lunchalicious LunchaliciousFoodSer: So much added sugar in things seemingly healthy. Read labels! #foodrevparty

Drheathernd heather manley I just don't buy it so I have never looked. At times we've bought almond choco. milk... I must check that label! @FoodRevTeam #foodrevparty

OutoftheBoxFood Kim Gerber Saw bumper sticker recently- "Organic - What our Grandparents used to call food" #foodrevparty

Carolynnehanson Carolynne Hanson #foodrevparty when I was a little girl the milk was so fresh it was still warm from the udder. We don't need to add anything artificial.

Staralixstar Alix Smith @FoodRevTeam Maybe replace sugary strawberry milk w/ milk flavored w/ real strawberries? Kids will like it & its healthier #foodrevparty

scatteredmom Karen Humphrey : #foodrevparty I love mixing soda water with some fresh fruit for a summer drink. No sugar needed. @FoodRevTeam

Lunchalicious LunchaliciousFoodSer when we started making our own stuff we really notice salt & sugar now #foodrevparty

PiperArt Kathrine Piper #foodrevparty After getting a condescending e-mail from the head of the school lunch program, I had all but given up. I'm back now.

scatteredmom Karen Humphrey #foodrevparty re schools: I think it's important for staff to lead by example. Hard to preach healthy w/donuts in staff room.

Next Party: Wednesday 25th May 2011 7pm PST / 10pm EST

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