Food Tasting for FRD2013 at Roehampton University

Food Tasting For FRD2013 At Roehampton University

Tue 11 Jun 2013

Story by Alix Rech

For Food Revolution Day, I teamed up with a friend from my nutrition course to organise a Food Tasting on the university grounds. We were lucky that there was a 5K and 10K run organised by our university on the same day, so we knew where to stand to catch people’s attention!

It was a cold day and although we started on the lawn near the finish line, we had to move inside soon after as the place was being deserted. Then runners got hungry, and lucky them, there we were, giving away free food!

In general, people were surprised to see us and had not heard of Food Revolution Day before. Young men, teenage girls, students, parents and staff came to try our food, asked questions about the Food Revolution and about our recipes, showing a genuine interest in our activity. We made a Mediterranean Pasta Salad and a Summer Quinoa Salad. Some people had never heard of quinoa, or seen a romana pepper, others had not thought about eating pasta in a salad. I loved being able to contribute to their discovery and interest in new foods.

We handed recipes of each salad so that they could try making them at home. With the recipes we included some information about the nutritional benefits of the ingredients we used. We also told everyone that we got all our food from the local supermarket, so no excuses: our recipes taste great, they are easy to make and ingredients can be purchased locally at a reasonably low price.

What else can I say? I keep a fantastic memory of Food Revolution Day. We had fun and met some lovely people. Being there to promote healthy eating and keeping cooking skills alive made me feel useful and seeing people’s reactions confirmed that the British population is curious about food and some are definitely eager to eat better.

When you are able to demonstrate that ‘healthy’ doesn’t mean ‘tasteless’, people start showing interest. That was the point of our activity so, I can happily say that our Food Revolution Day was a success and we can’t wait for next year’s!

Special thanks to Federica Sobrero who organised and participated in this activity with me, and to Sport Roehampton who were a helpful support too.

About the author: Alix Rech, 30 years old, student, nanny and freelance image keyword editor, London. I was born and grew up in Lyon (France) and moved to the UK four years ago. Overwhelmed by the amount of conflicting advice on nutrition, I decided I wanted to find out for myself. That’s why I am now doing a degree in nutrition and health. I want to make ‘helping people with their health and weight’ my career.

Photo credit: Paul Gregory


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