For the Love of Food: San Francisco a Tavola

For The Love Of Food: San Francisco A Tavola

Mon 01 Jul 2013

Story by Mariel Martinez and Ann Blankenship

There’s something innately special about homemade Italian dishes. It’s as if you can feel the love emanating from the warm and inviting aromas. Italian cuisine radiates comfort and a familial sense of belonging, which is why it was a perfect choice of cuisine to celebrate on Food Revolution Day.

San Francisco to the Table

Ambassadors from Food Revolution SF teamed up with ItaLingua, a school of Italian language and culture, to host an event called San Francisco a Tavola, an expression that literally means “San Francisco to the table.” Guests were asked to bring homemade Italian dishes in the spirit of family.

Indeed the event did feel like a family get-together. Sounds of laughter filled the air as students, teachers, and friends of ItaLingua arrived at a small café with their homemade dishes in tow. Although people chatted in both Italian and English, the common language was food. The table was laid out with familiar Italian favorites such as lasagna and frittata, as well as other traditional fares like torta rustica.

Creating Communities through Food

As students made new friends over good wine and even better biscotti, it became apparent that the event’s title had really come into fruition. People from all over the Bay Area were gathered at the table, la tavola, eating mouthwatering homemade food and enjoying great company. Songs were sung, a birthday was celebrated, and everyone left feeling a sense of belonging. After all that’s what food does, right? It creates communities. It can be the catalyst for a new outlook on how we view what is truly important. San Francisco a Tavola was an invitation for people to enjoy a concept so very Italian in nature: slow food.

A Thank You for Support

A lot of last minute planning, twists and turns went into planning this year’s Food Revolution Day here in San Francisco. But as the big day grew closer and closer, things slowly began to fall into place. And, what was most encouraging was the tremendous support from all the organizations and people that participated in and contributed to the success of this year’s Food Revolution Day in San Francisco.

In reality, Food Revolution Day here in San Francisco became a Food Revolution Month with events beginning with a public outreach booth at the Fillmore Farmers’ Market; food demonstrations showing customers at Whole Foods Markets and The Sports Basement how to prepare simple wholesome snacks; a sophisticated social mixer at the Italian Cultural Institute; a convivial homey Italian potluck with the students of ItaLingua language school; and finally culminating with an elegant formal dinner with the cooking club Le Forchette Tricolori at the Italian Consulate General of San Francisco.

We here at Food Revolution San Francisco are already making plans for Food Revolution 2014 with even more fun and educational events and we will continue to build upon our Mission to create community through good wholesome food.

We Thank You!

Food Revolution San Francisco would like to give a BIG thanks to this year’s partners who helped to make our Food Revolution Day 2013 such a BIG success!

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

The Food Revolution Team

The Italian Consulate General of San Francisco

Mauro Battochi - Consul General Stefano Mancini – Commercial Attache Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco Paolo Balera – Director 
Le Forchette Tricolori

Alexandra Amanti-Camperi, Alice Amigassi, Valeria Barbero, Asher Berry, Viola Buitoni, Ingrid Campos Sperow, Alessandra Cassar, Leonara Chianello, Antonella Dalla Muta, Barbara D’Aloisio, Elisabetta Fagioli, Vania Ferraro, Marialuisa Manca, Giovanna Riva and Laurence Zambrano

ItaLingua: Francesca Gaspari – Director and Mariel Martinez – ItaLingua Blog Danill Brodovich - Director Vladimir Vityuk – Videographer

The Sports Basement: Nora Hemm – Marketing & Community Relations

Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Ass’n: Thomas Nichol – Market Manager

Contributors & Volunteers:
Gabriele Corcos & Debi Mazar Sarah Tenthorey Eleanor Blankenship

In-Kind Donors: Sarah Tenthorey -
Adam Ramsey & Rachele Shafai - A16 Restaurant Howard and Kristina Case – Casa de Case Edoardo Montressor – Cantine Montressor Laurence Zambrano – Mr Espresso
Piero Cipriani – Tartufi Italiani
Adriana Silva – Tomatero Farm
Tiziana Costamagna – Un Po’ Pazzo Selections Antica Fattoria La Parrina
Gary Rulli – FGR Chocolate Collection Shepard Smith – Your Printer
Chiara Paoletti – Il Tocco Kitchen

About the Authors: Mariel Martinez is a recent graduate from San Jose State University. She spent her junior year studying Art History in Florence, Italy, relishing the rich culture and food scene. Her love for food stems from a long held belief that food is at the root of all cultures. She enjoys trying new restaurants and traveling. Ann Blankenship has been involved in community arts and event planning for over a decade. During this time she assisted with and produced events for Carnaval San Francisco, Mission Creek Music & Arts Festival and CONVERGENCE Int’l Alternative Music & Arts Festival. In addition to her community arts work, Ms. Blankenship worked for 5 years as a pantry and production cook at various restaurants and food organizations in the San Francisco / Bay Area.


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