#FRD2013 Around the World – Ambassador Style

#FRD2013 Around The World – Ambassador Style

Tue 28 May 2013

Story by Sarah Curl

Food Revolution Day has come and gone and we don’t want to forget all the amazing activities that took place around the world so we've compiled just some remarkable Food Revolution Day events that we can’t get out of our head.

We had 1,260 activities occurring on Food Revolution Day in 660 cities and 74 countries and here we have profiled 8 of them. Activities from China and Lebanon to Kentucky and Brazil are featured.

Make sure to check out all the beautiful photos by clicking on the link attached to each city and get ready to take a journey around the world!

Alexandra Palla | Vienna, Austria

We had a great time on Friday for Food Revolution DAY in Vienna! We had a Disco Salad at School where 200 kids, teachers & volunteers were chopping & cutting vegetables. I asked the kids, to bring or buy a piece of vegetable or fruit for their own salad and the adults brought bowls and utensils. It went GREAT! Everyone had a lot of fun and it was a great experience. The parents want me to do another Disco salad in a month!

Ksenija Verbic | Gorenjskem, Slovenia

We had a lovely celebration for Food Revolution Day. Families with small children came to plant their favorite vegetable. Children planted small plants in pots, and after a week they are going to plant them in their garden. We want to encourage young families to eat healthy food, and to grow their own food if possible.

Natalie Montanaro | Chongqing, China

In Chongqing, China, I got together this year with a dozen college students (whom never have tried other foods from around the world here in the heart of China) to introduce them to some new dishes and international tastes on Jamie Oliver's global day of action to Cook it! Share it! Live it!

Caline Chaya | Beirut, Lebanon

Ambassador Caline and her daughter Youmna organized a Food Revolution Day event on 17th of May at a local restaurant in the heart of Beirut & the 18th of May at Souk el Tayeb- Lebanon's food market that promotes & preserves culinary traditions, rural heritage, and REAL FOOD! Mother & daughter served a buffet full of delicious but easily replicable dishes from fresh ingredients: grilled salmon marinated in Asian spices, roasted chicken with couscous, artichoke salad and leg of lamb. For dessert they baked pistachio maamoul with ice cream and double chocolate muffins.

Danielle Crawford | Lexington, Kentucky

We hosted a “Potluck at the Park” that was open for the community. As part of the potluck, everyone brought the recipe for their dish and adults excitedly swapped recipes and techniques. One of the children even approached me for the recipe from our dessert activity which was to create mini fruit pizzas (I had prepared a cookie made of banana, oats, and cinnamon for the crust, and homemade strawberry preserves for the “sauce”) and everyone was encouraged to top them with the fruits of their choice. Little Katherine would not leave my side until I written the recipe and handed it to her, and the next day, I saw the family at the local farmer’s market where I volunteer, and they told me they had bought fresh, local strawberries to make the recipe!

Daniela Miscov | Bucharest, Romania

Food Revolution Day was celebrated in a big supermarket in Bucharest, Romania. Fresh food, families and good food were abundant.

Lara Folster | São Paolo, Brazil

We had 700 students and 60 adults (teachers and crew) participate in our FRD event. Ages varied from 2 to 17 years old and everyone participated in our cooking classes! They were very excited to be part of it. We talked about real food and how you can recognize what is real, good, tasty, colorful and healthy. We are teaching them how to make good choices! They also watched the documentary `Whey beyond weight` throughout the day. We had a fantastic organic fair open to parents too (in partnership with the organic market Apanã).

Lisa Johnson | Boston, Massachusetts

Lisa worked with her son Alex to pass out over 1,000 buttons throughout Boston! Watch her fun YouTube video here!

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About the author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Twitter: @sarahanncurl

Photos: Ambassadors Caline Chaya, Daniela Miscov, Alexandra Palla and Ksenija Verbic


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