FRD2014 onboard the JOFF Big Rig in San Diego

FRD2014 Onboard The JOFF Big Rig In San Diego

Wed 21 May 2014

Story by The JOFF Big Rig Team

Food Revolution Day 2014 on the JOFF Big Rig Mobile teaching kitchen in San Diego had the students from Herbert Hoover High School “Rapping”, “Rainbow Salad Wrapping” that is.

Over 50 high school students in 3 different classes participated in FRD 2014. That along with the additional 20 participants from the community rounded out the 5 classes offered on the Big Rig on May 16.

The students enjoyed making such a simple recipe and while some of the students were not familiar with many of the vegetables in the recipe, they were all willing to “try something new”.

Many of the students commented that they enjoyed the crispness and fresh taste of the warp and that the “Minty Yoghurt Dip” complemented it nicely.

“That was so much fun!! It was great to cook alongside my class mates”

“I have never eaten a veggie wrap in my life but this tasted awesome”

“What fun! I would have never thought that cooking could be so exciting, especially with my friends.”

It was wonderful to see so many young people cooking for the 1st time and trying foods they never had before today. See you next year for FRD 4.0!

Read about the Big Rig mobile teaching kitchen tour around California and sign up for FREE classes in San Diego here.

Find out more about Food Revolution Day which was celebrated by more than 237,800 participants in 121 countries at

The JOFF Big Rig Team


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