From Revelation to Revolution Part One

From Revelation To Revolution Part One

Tue 21 Aug 2012

Story by Peggie Greenough

How one family turned their lives around, threw out the junk, restocked real food and are reaping the benefits.

Has there ever been a time when I wasn’t sick and tired?? If I am this sick and broken down now and I am not even 40 yet, how will I make it to, much less out of my 50’s alive?? Do I even have a chance with auto immune diseases, cancer and heart disease all over my family tree, including my parents??

These are the type of questions that I found myself pondering more and more until last year, when finally all the lessons that have been planted as little seeds of information from many people blessing our lives along our journey, finally grew large enough to demand my attention.

You do what you know, until you KNOW better

My mom died from cancer in 2003, during her year long battle, we spoke often about our suspicions of a relationship between the food we eat, the environment we live in and cancer. Then in 2008, my husband and I watched the movie ‘Food, Inc.’ and I felt totally vindicated in those suspicions after seeing that movie. We immediately began making small changes to our diets (cut out soda and fast food restaurants to start) and I began relentlessly researching the link between food and the illnesses that just seem to be all around us.

Until that point, I had heard of ‘The Naked Chef’ but really had not known much of Jamie Oliver until my research surfaced an article mentioning him and the effects of different environmental factors on the body, mainly the cheap, easy food we eat. The article linked to a list of NASTY food additives, ‘beaver butt’ ice cream (castoreum) is the one that first piqued my interest the most and caused me to look into Jamie further. Knowing only the SAD (Standard American Diet) way of eating my whole life, the ice cream, which we ate often and I fed to my baby and 3 other growing boys, was particularly troubling. That is, until I saw the list of other additives, like cellulose, L-Cysteine, TBHQ, shellac/ confectioners glaze and many others that turned my stomach to find out about. It was no wonder to me at that point that I was so sick and my body had turned on itself. I had abused it my whole life with the “food” I put into it, what else could come out of it??

It was time to get back to good ole, wholesome, real food and ditch the processed, sugar and sodium laden junk we were used to. We have learned that it’s all about taking baby steps and celebrating small victories along the way, so that’s what we began to do. As my one of my favorite quotes goes, “You do what you know, until you KNOW better.”

I love to cook and I have always enjoyed cooking shows, but with the plethora of auto immune diseases I have and the limited information I had at that point, I didn’t really have the energy or know how to cook and feed my family in a way that was healthy and life boosting.

With Jamie’s guidance, teachings and encouragement via video all those seeds planted came together to form the forest of food knowledge that my family and I live in and explore continuously today. I then came across the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and my conviction to do all I can to get healthy and gain the energy I needed to get active finally took hold. We bought a CSA share from a local farm and tossed all the bad foods in our house and started full on into a new way of life, excited and a little anxious about what lay ahead.

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About the author: Peggie Greenough is blessed to have her husband & 4 boys along for the ride as they discover new & healthy foods & fun ways to keep active as a family. Peggie wants everyone to know how they CAN afford to eat well in order to get & stay healthy. Get informed & take baby steps.


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