Getting Family And Friends In The Kitchen In 2013

Getting Family And Friends In The Kitchen In 2013

Mon 21 Jan 2013

Story by Lindsey Shifley

Everyone has resolutions this time of the year and for me as a Food Revolution ambassador and busy mom of three, mine are pretty simple:

1. Eat more vegetables! Specifically green, purple, red, yellow and orange ones... super colorful veggies please!
2. Muster more cooking gumption.
3. Get my family and friends in on the fun.

The Food Revolution's message is a gutsy waterfall whose drops hit me square in the face a few months ago when I initiated a big brave family food change - the act of adding more colorful veggies and less processed food into my kids' and husband's meals. While it has been a painful process at times, as all three kids (& hubby) didn't like it very much in the beginning, slow and steady wins the race, especially when you put some stylish aprons on the little turtles in your life. Inside and out we're all pretty happy about the changes we've made.

Cooking with my kids has been magical. I never used to do it – it was too messy, created too much work and I didn’t have enough time, yada yada yada, at least that’s what I thought. What I've learned though, is that when my kids cook with me they are more likely to try the new foods that they help create, even if it's one bite of a scary green/purple/yellow/orange/red thing. That's the key baby - one bite - a bite that soon becomes their choice and not mine.

Every week for the past few months I have been picking up a very large-and-in-charge box of organic fruits & veggies from our local health food store, it has been the single best thing I've done to get us out of the frozen corn/beans/peas trifecta of boringness; and helped create an opportunity to open up the box and spread the Food Revolution to some of my fellow mamas and their kiddos.

I, along with my hot mama girlfriends gathered as many of our turtles as we could and started our 2013 food resolutions. We had our first ‘mullies cooking class’ where we taught, chopped, measured, poured, danced, and washed a lot of messy hands. It really does make the food taste better! At the end of our 1st cooking class, with the kids off and running, we sat together in amazement at what we had created and planned more future cooking play dates. We're cleaning out our pantries - out with the processed food and in with the real food!

Check out the video here.

I hope it seeps into your foodie cracks, now get in your kitchen and get your food revolutionizing groove on. It's time to start stuffing our faces with more of the colorful stuff.

About the author: Lindsey Shifley is a wife, mom of three, blogger and softball coach in Illinois. Lindsey’s Food Revolution started as personal goal to cook cleaner foods for her middle daughter who was having sensory processing issues in school. Having found huge success, she is having a ball learning and inspiring others to cook real food with their kids.


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