Global Ambassadors Share Their 2013 Food Resolutions

Global Ambassadors Share Their 2013 Food Resolutions

Wed 30 Jan 2013

Story by Sarah Curl

To kick-start 2013, we asked our amazing team of voluntary Food Revolution Ambassadors - we now have 450+ in 68 countries! - to send in their food resolutions for the year. We thought this group would inspire us to come up with even better and creative resolutions and that’s exactly what happened.

Ambassadors told us they want to eat and grow more local fresh produce, get more involved in their communities, try new recipes and many more. Take a look and see if any resolutions inspire you. It’s not too late to tell us on twitter and facebook what your plans are for the New Year.

What foods do you want to eat more of in 2013? Is there something you have wanted to cook but have been intimidated? What do you want to achieve on a local level in 2013?

Here are a few food resolutions to help inspire change in 2013!

Anne Marie Glenn (Scottsdale, Arizona) - My food resolutions? Well, I've given up sugar. Does that count? As a baker and a person that thrives on dark chocolate, this will be interesting.

Beatrice Chan (Hong Kong, Hong Kong) – I want to eat more local organic vegetables and homegrown food. On a local level, I want to spread the Food Revolution to more people across Asia. As well as line up more local farmers to join us and help them to get a better channel to sell their fresh products

Carolina Jaime (San Salvador, El Salvador) - My resolutions for this year are encouraging more companies to join the cause of the Food Revolution in El Salvador, inspire others to volunteer more in 2013, take cooking classes and stand up for real food in El Salvador of course!

Cheryl Kleinfelter (Cincinnati, Ohio) - One goal I want to accomplish this year is to get more involved in community farmers markets, festivals and events. Another goal I would like to reach is to send out a newsletter to family members, friends and co-workers four times a year with information highlighting the fresh vegetables, fruits and other ingredients that are in season.

Daniela Miscov (pictured above, Bucharest, Romania) - Buying more local food and ingredients, cooking more traditional Romanian recipes and inspiring others to do the same.

Ehtesham Hussain (Islamabad, Pakistan) - Visit different schools and spread awareness about healthy eating, get volunteers for the Food Revolution, distribute flyers to people with information regarding seasonal crops and encourage people to grow their own vegetables.

Jenny Morelli (Inverness, Florida) - To introduce new grains, veggies and fruits into my diet that I've never tried before. To experiment with different recipes using the grains, veggies & fruits that I already eat. To appreciate the wonder and the simplicity of eating whole foods!

Katie Bulmer (Sunderland, UK) – To get more people cooking from scratch and work with my local school to educate them on healthy breakfasts.

Laura Milne (Gloucestershire, UK) – I want to eat more fish (I really don't like salmon but I want to like it), curb my sweet tooth, have a monthly local event celebrating real food, achieve an online following for the Gloucestershire Food Revolution who engage and take part in weekly challenges and have at least 5 schools and companies promoting and supporting the Food Revolution.

Paul Eaton (Nottingham, UK) - My goal for 2013 is to spread the word to more than 1000 people within Nottingham, UK about the benefits of clean, healthy, cooking and eating, also to try to get more people to grow and produce their own fruit and vegetables at home and get their children involved in the kitchen and garden.

Make sure to check out these articles from Ambassadors Lindsey Shifley, Stacy Whitman, Claire O’Meara and Noelia Fernandez, who wrote special blog posts about their own food resolutions on the Food Revolution blog.

Thank you!

A big thank you to all the Ambassadors who participated in January’s Monthly Challenges!

We’ll be announcing February’s Monthly Challenges this Friday, February 1st, so stay tuned to find out what they are and how you can get involved!

Interested in becoming an Ambassador to help kick start a Food Revolution in your community? Apply today!

Find out more about the ambassador program and how you can get involved here.

About the author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation.

Connect with Sarah on Twitter: @sarahanncurl


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