Group of the Week: Noodleonthat Food Revolution

Group Of The Week: Noodleonthat Food Revolution

Thu 06 Oct 2011

Story by Thippi Fleckenstien

Our goal is simple, to get people in the community to talk about living a healthier lifestyle, share ideas, resources, and events that encourage and motivate us to be a healthier community.

“One of my goals is to inspire people to be all that they can be and, hopefully, be a good example and teach some useful, interesting principles. Perhaps I can be the key that turns on the engine in their life, and then they can take their car where they want.” Mark Victor Hansen

“My philosophy to food and healthy eating has always been about enjoying everything in a balanced, and sane way…lots of the good stuff, loads of variety, and the odd indulgence every now and then.” Jamie Oliver

These two quotes bring to light what Noodleonthat Food Revolution is all about. It is a newly formed Food Revolution group that has quickly gained momentum. Its purpose is to educate, inspire, and get people thinking about food, how it affects us, nature, and the World. We hope this knowledge will get others to be involved in their own way and spread the news about Food Revolution.

Our newly formed group has a number of goals, which include both school & community movements. We are connecting with local schools to learn more about the wonderful things they have to offer and the challenges that they struggle with such as providing a healthy lunch on a strict budget. We also have schools around our area that take part in the Farm to School program and we’d like to highlight and connect these schools so they can better communicate with each other and show the community all the latest pictures of growing gardens and happy, healthy kids!

We want to highlight people who are making a difference in our community. One of which is a retired teacher who has been working in West Salem School Garden for fifteen years. Mr. David Langer has done a fantastic job of creating and maintaining a beautiful and welcoming garden environment for all. Kids get excited to see their harvest put into the lunch menu! West Salem School has received the Gold Award of Distinction in the Healthier US School Challenge - this award recognizes schools that have created healthier school environments through promotion of nutrition education, physical activity, and quality of food served at school lunch.

We hope to have more people share their stories as well. So far we’ve connected with other FR groups, food blogs, various organizations such as Coulee Region Childhood Obesity Coalition group, Farm to School Committee, and Pioneering Healthy Communities which is a part of YMCA, and shared some of their ideas and links. We also helped organize a cooking demonstration for the $5 Challenge and are planning to do more demonstrations.

The Noodleonthat Food Revolution group has visited numerous vendors from the farmer’s market and invited them to post pictures, talk about what they offer, and/or post any tips they’d like to share on our facebook page & we are in the process of planning an event for Food Day. As a group we are delighted to collaborate with local businesses such as Sun Asian Market, Brushtalk Signs, and All Glazed Up to help promote our healthy lifestyle mission.

Our vision for the future is a lofty one: have a Jamie Oliver Cooking Center in our area where people come together and learn the art of healthier cooking, to give them the knowledge and experience through hands on activities in a welcoming environment, and to be inspired to cook from scratch again.

About the author: Thippi Fleckenstein is a chef at Sun Asian Market, founder of Noodleonthat Food Revolution group, a PTO member, and mother of 2 beautiful children whose mission is to inspire and motivate others to think about food and healthy living. She recently became a blogger and invites all to join her on her food journey at

Images: Top left - Dr David Langer showing kids how to plant potatoes. Bottom right - kids wearing Noodleonthat aprons at the $5 challenge food demo (Thippi’s two kids and her boss’s kid in the middle).


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