Live Community Conversations

Live Community Conversations

Wed 19 Dec 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Hanging Out in 2012

This year we’ve had some amazing live conversation with real food advocates and experts from all across the world!

Using Google+ Hangouts, which allow you to have a live conversation with up to 10 people and allow others from all over the world to tune in and watch, we’ve been able to connect with our global community in a fun and unique way.

Jamie’s Food Revolution Day Hangout

On Food Revolution Day on May 19, Jamie hosted the first ever Food Revolution Google+ Hangout where he was joined live by food revolutionaries from Malaysia, Australia and America to talk about the global movement and how our community members were celebrating the inaugural Food Revolution Day!

Inspired by Jamie’s hangout we’ve been hosting our own!

Food Revolution Community Hangouts

Back-to-School and School Food

With new regulations affecting school meals across the US this year, we decided to host a hangout to let people know what these regulations mean, and how you can help support their implementation. Chef Ann Cooper, Marshall Reid, Harvard School of Public Health and the CSPI joined to talk about the importance of a nutritious, wholesome school lunch, why food education is important and the one thing schools can do to make a HUGE difference.

The Global Food Revolution Community

This year we launched our ambassador program, so what better way to celebrate it than through a live conversation with ambassadors from across the world! Ambassadors from Canada, America, Uruguay and Italy told us why they joined the real food movement and how cooking should be intimidating but that in fact it’s one of the best things in life!

Celebrating Real Food and Shaping a Better Future

To celebrate Food Day, the nationwide movement in the US towards healthy, sustainable, affordable food, we hosted a real food special Hangout where we were joined by the Food Day team and ambassadors hosting events to celebrate the movement. We also celebrated One Young World, following Jamie’s panel there and through making lasting connecting we can all work together to shape a better future.

Holiday Cooking Special

We finished our first round of community hangouts with a holiday special, where chefs and cooks from around the world joined us to share some of their holiday traditions and top tips. Some of our chefs also got busy in the kitchen during the hangout, making some traditional dishes from the UK, Greece and Argentina. Watch out for the snowman too!

We’ve got some exciting new topics to engage people in next year, plus we’re always looking out for people to join the live conversation and our hangouts so stay tuned!

Here’s to continuing the global conversation in 2013!

The Food Revolution Team


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