Happy 1st Birthday Ambassadors!

Happy 1st Birthday Ambassadors!

Thu 29 Aug 2013

Story by Sarah Curl

This month we are celebrating the Ambassador Program’s 1st birthday!


We began to see a need for the Ambassador Program after the first Food Revolution Day in May 2012. We saw amazing Food Revolutionaries all around the world passionate about food education and real food and felt like with a little organization we could magnify the movement by connecting people together while using the Food Revolution platform. It took a few months of hard work but we got the program up and running in August 2012.


Since the inception of the Ambassador Program, we have grown to 627 Ambassadors in 83 countries and 480 cities! The global movement spans from Argentina to Austria, India to Israel, Senegal to Singapore and many more countries in between.


Ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds – parents, teachers, nutritionists, chefs, fitness trainers, students - but work towards one common goal, food education for all. Ambassadors have taught hundreds of food education classes to friends, family, schools, workplaces and communities, built community gardens, met with school boards to change school food and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


When I sat down to write this post, I started thinking about all the amazing things that Ambassadors have accomplished in the past year and there are a lot! I’ve taken some quotes from our active Ambassadors to give you a sense of what they have achieved. Take a look.

“I have started a Wellness Committee at my children's school this year. I have hired a local gardener to help us set up a school garden this spring.” - Donna Castellano | Middletown, New Jersey

“We’ve been enjoying a lot of success with the Food Revolution activities throughout the year working with schools, preschools and community centers. Now we’ve decided it’s time to try and bring word of this great idea into the workplace.” – Itai Farkas | Tel-Aviv, Israel

“I have starting working with the local supermarkets, cooking schools, friends, mothers, and a local chef to get the message out! I am so excited to be a part of this change.” – Lois Bridges | Park City, Utah

“I have now started giving monthly demos to teachers at my old school! They are great fun to do!” –Rebecca Bourhill | Rustenberg, South Africa

“My niece invited me to make a presentation about my organic farm and healthy eating to her Girl Scout troop. We took a quiz and then we planted pepper and basil for them to nurture and hopefully eat.” – Farmer Frank Trentacoste | East Hampton, New York

“I have been into our local school and asked to speak in three others in the forthcoming months! The first school I spoke at was to year 2 children (aged 6/7) for their science lesson. We did a 45 minutes PE lesson and then I talked to them about the importance of healthy snacks – we chose fruit to begin with and talked about how versatile they are, from dried, to tasting all sorts of different fruits. The recipes were printed and given out too!” – Claire Morgan-Hughes | Devon, UK

“We had a talk with Teleperformance (call center company) and together, we planned a healthy fair in alliance with our partner companies and others in the healthy business. Teleperformance sent a group of employees to their morning break, and I talked about 30 ideas to start a food revolution in their everyday life. The company clinic handed the workplace ebook. After that they asked me questions about the importance to change habits.” – Carolina Jaime | San Salvador, El Salvador

“Organized a mother and son cooking class this Sunday - was SO much fun and the boys LOVED it! All posing with the wooden spoon "a la" Food Revolution style!” – Way Ling Wiesser | Singapore, Singapore

A huge thank you to all our amazing ambassadors for joining the Food Revolution, brining the movement to their homes, schools, workplaces and communities and helping to make a real difference! We can’t wait to see what you have planned for year 2!

Get Involved

We are constantly looking for passionate Ambassadors from around the world. Interested in becoming an Ambassador to help kick start a Food Revolution in your community? Apply today!

Find out more about the ambassador program and how you can get involved here.

About the author: Sarah Curl is the Food Revolution Community Manager for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. Connect with Sarah on Twitter: @sarahanncurl

Photo Credit: From top left (clockwise) - Way Ling Wiesser – Singapore, Singapore, Stephanie Rock – Cincinnati, Ohio, Caroline Jaime – San Salvador, El Salvador, Stephen Machua – Nairobi, Kenya, Heidi O’Connor – Vancouver, Washington.

Newsletter Photo Credit: Food Revolution Vienna and tykefilms (www.tykefilms.at)


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