A Journey that Outlived its New Year's Resolution Status

A Journey That Outlived Its New Year's Resolution Status

Wed 09 Jan 2013

Story by Amy Kehs

Inspired by the move Julie and Julia, Amy cooked her way through all of the recipes in Jamie Oliver’s book, Jamie’s Food Revolution in 365 days from March 2010 to March 2011.

Three years ago, in January 2010, I made the only New Year's Resolution I ever kept. I don't usually make resolutions, much less write them down, but that year I did and I found that piece of paper last night. I remember that year that I decided to try and make the resolutions sound positive and use the word "more" in each of them. Here's what I wrote…

For 2010, I will:

1. Laugh more.
2. Walk more.
3. Cook more.

For #1, I started watching Modern Family. For #2, I started walking around the three-mile loop in our neighborhood more often.

But #3 stumped me. I had tried this resolution before and failed miserably. That's when I saw the movie, Julie and Julia and the inspiration for how I would accomplish #3 hit me. It was a few short weeks later, after letting the idea fester in my brain for awhile, that I stumbled upon Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Cookbook and I knew that it was the key to accomplishing #3. So, I started to cook more. In 365 days, I cooked all 173 recipes in the book.

I not only cooked more but I started a blog, taught cooking classes and became a Food Revolution Hero and then an Ambassador.

While I still watch Modern Family and I am still walking that three-mile loop occasionally, cooking more has been a journey that outlived its New Year's Resolution status.

So, for 2013, I hope you will resolve to spend more time in your kitchen. "Cook More" can simply mean to eat out a little less or cook a new recipe with your family just once a week. Who knows, you might find out that it is the easiest and best resolution you ever kept.

Happy New Year!

Find out more about Amy’s journey and get a yummy soup recipe to get you started here.

About the Author: Amy Kehs is a wife, mom of two and small business owner in Maryland. Amy’s Food Revolution started as a personal goal and has grown into an online community effort inspiring many of her blog’s followers to cook for the first time.

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