Have You Converted To Seasonal Eating?

Have You Converted To Seasonal Eating?

Wed 13 Jul 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

There’s simply no comparison for taste between mass-produced, homogenized, uniform-looking fruits and vegetables, and the vibrant, perhaps slightly wonky but so much more flavorful local & seasonal farmers’ produce.

This summer, challenge yourself to go out to your local farmers market, pick up some fresh, in-season foods and use them whilst cooking at home, even better why not pick up some fruits or vegetables that you have never tried before and do some experimenting in the kitchen.

During July and August this means eggplant, zucchini, broad beans, peas, corn, cherries, apricots, figs raspberries, strawberries…with a whole world of fruits and veggies at their best, it’s the most rewarding time of year to get involved in the seasons.

Not only is buying local & seasonal foods great fun – you can take the kids along with you and try the samples, picking up news foods you have never tried before to experiment with, but it’s also great to make the effort to buy fresh fruit and vegetables when they are in season in your area.

Produce is at its peak nutritional value when it is fresh and ripe, so the fresh fruit and vegetables you pick up from a farmers market which are freshly harvested are great for you in terms of maximum health and nutritional benefits. Fruits and vegetables that have travelled long distance to be sold are picked before ripeness, and although the produce might gain color and softness on its journey to the supermarket, its nutritional value decreases - once harvested, a vegetable is as nutritious as it is going to get, and nutritional value decreases every day past harvest.

Seasonal food is not only good for your health but there is an environmental aspect too - although we can now buy foods grown virtually anywhere in the world, these options are not the most sustainable. By buying local you can help decrease the environmental damage of shipping foods thousands of miles, and you and your family can enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables.

Remember frozen fruits and vegetables are great for convenience & often are frozen at their peak meaning that they retain their nutritional goodness and quality and therefore are great! But if you can, why not get out in the sun with your friends and family this summer and try some local, seasonal foods using some of the tastiest ingredients you can get. Another bonus is that seasonal produce is often significantly cheaper than produce sold all year round, as there’s a glut of it that needs to be sold off.

So this summer, find your local farmers market or vegetable stand, eat produce that was grown in the area you live and buy it at its peak of ripeness. What a great way to spend a summers day – take an excursion out with the kids to pick up some freshly picked vegetables.

Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your excursions out and the new foods you try and upload them to our facebook Food Revolution Community Page.

To find out what is in season in your local area & where you can get this produce try out the Eat Local Simple Eats search tool.

Happy summer!

The Food Revolution Team


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