Hong Kong Hungers for Better Food & Food Education

Hong Kong Hungers For Better Food & Food Education

Tue 28 May 2013

Story by Beatrice Chan

This year we hosted an amazing 23 activities with a massive turn out with over 45,000 people attending Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day in Hong Kong. The press also came out in full force and our events received coverage from 23 media outlets to help us spread the word. As the local Food Revolution ambassador, I would say it is a miracle! It was virtually impossible for a two-man team (Tiffany and me) to pull it off, but we did, and we are proud of ourselves!

Strong Partnerships for Food Revolution Day

It is truly an amazing feeling to find and invite partners to join force with us. We send our thanks to Chef Alvina Chan, Chef Anthony Fletcher, Chef Jacky Yu and nutritionist, Arlene Wu for partnering with us to teach the local participants some basic cooking skills and to demonstrate the latest organic cooking techniques. Thanks also to Chef Andrea Oschetti, IPC Foodlab, the Food and Wine Academy, HABITŪ Ristorante the Garden, HARAKAN-S Japanese Dining Room, Mana! Fast Slow Food, Grassroots Pantry and our other kind supporters for sharing favorite recipes and giving the public ‘sharing sessions’ to help us to spread the word. Most of the workshops, sharing sessions and dinner parties were at full at capacity. We thank everyone for all your support!

Media Power Helped Widen our Campaign Reach

The first Food Revolution Day taught me how to focus my limited manpower to create the biggest impact possible. In partnership with the Food Recycle Land project organized by the Cheung Chau Island Women’s Association, Food Revolution Hong Kong became eligible to participate in one of the most popular traditional festive events in town to promote good food and basic cooking skills during the week-long local celebration.

The lovely British-Hong Kong brothers also added an extra media hook for the local press to pick up our story and we successfully created a media story with the first-ever participation of a non-Chinese theme for the parade. Of course, the lovely mini-Jamie Oliver’s brothers helped us to steal the spotlight and made us a big story on the prime time TV news report. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the local media, bloggers and everyone from Chueng Chau Island for your kind support!

Localization is the Key to a Sustainable Campaign

Every locality has a different urgent need when it comes to food and health issues. In Hong Kong, our problem is definitely on food waste. My next step for the future is to prepare a pilot food education scheme by approaching local schools. Thanks for Chef Alvina and Chef Andrea who have already agreed to team up with us for this revolutionary food education effort.

We have also partnered with the Food Revolution Taipei team in a joint effort to help other Asian countries set up their Food Revolution team. Macau is a potential partner – the food revolutionaries there started their first dinner party celebration this year. If language is a barrier, let us help to break that obstacle by helping to spread the Food Revolution message to more non-English speaking countries in Asia.

Here's to the Food Revolution in Hong Kong!

About the author: Beatrice Chan (@bechanka) has travelled around the world to experience different cultures and food tastes. She writes freelance articles for magazines on food, restaurants and travel. Her latest goal is to push forward food education, urban farming and an anti-food waste campaign in Hong Kong. She is also the mastermind behind an Asia-based community project: www.go.asia, www.facebook.com/frd.asia, http://frd.asia/


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