How Did You Celebrate Food Revolution Day?

How Did You Celebrate Food Revolution Day?

Tue 22 May 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Day Team

On Saturday, communities in over 660 cities in 62 countries gathered together and celebrated the first ever Food Revolution Day. In the 1,000+ events that took place across the world, people shared their knowledge on food and nutrition, taught their favorite recipes, educated one another about food choices, and inspired each other to stand up for real food and demand better.

Share Your Food Revolution Day Photos & Videos

We want to know how you celebrated the first ever Food Revolution Day! Whether it was by having a real food dinner party with friends and family, a taste tester and chef demo, a real food discussion on campus, or a community potluck, whatever you did to stand up for real food let us know by sharing your photos and videos with us!

Send us a link to where you have all your images and videos saved - whether on Facebook, flickr, YouTube or any other site - to If you are happy for us to use these materials then please include a credit for each.

Don’t have your images stored online? You can send us your Food Revolution Day photos, along with credits, directly to Alternatively add your photos to flickr and tag them Food Revolution Day.

If you blogged about the day then send us the link to your blog too!

Did You Join The Conversation Online?

We saw so many amazing posts and tweets about Food Revolution Day as people all over the world joined the important conversation and helped us make lots of noise!

We want to know what your top tweets about your event are, whether it is something you posted or one of the people attending on the day. Why not take a screen grab of your favorite 3-5 tweets about the day, and send them (or the link to them) to us at

If you want to share more about your event, send a short description or quote (no more than 300 words) about how you celebrated on the day. We’d love to hear more about the events that took place all over the world and who joined you in standing up for real food!

Finally, don’t forget you can also add your videos and recipes to the Food Revolution Day website and inspire others to join you in standing up for real food.

We'll be working over the summer to take what we learned from Food Revolution and develop a better platform for Food Revolutionaries. If you want to bring the food revolution to your community, why not apply to be a team leader at

Thanks again for helping us to make some noise on the first ever Food Revolution Day!

The Food Revolution Day Team

Left - Metropochris @thewellgoco teaching kids of all ages about real food @sfcmarkets
Top Right - Captain Ty Yamron, Food Revolution Cape Fear
Bottom Right - FoodRevKW Bring the kids out for planting!


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