How I Made My 2013 New Year's Resolutions Work

How I Made My 2013 New Year's Resolutions Work

Thu 02 Jan 2014

Story by Alix Rech

The year 2013 will be over soon, and with it my longest lasting New Year’s resolutions ever. Yes, I made it! I'm still following my resolutions!

In January I decided to change part of my diet to become a healthier version of me. More precisely, that meant eating fewer carbohydrates, especially the refined ones (white bread, pasta, biscuits, sugar), and adding more vegetables.

I've got two things to say about it:

1) Writing about my New Year’s resolutions on here and creating a blog about my journey has made it very official, which helped me not to forget as the months went on and helped me stay focused.

2) Being focused and serious about it, I started to shop and cook differently. Gradually, this new eating plan became a habit.

I have had to try out all sorts of recipes; some didn’t turn out well, but some I still cook regularly. My taste buds have evolved; I have discovered new flavours and am now more open-minded when it comes to food. It also developed my creativity because you need to get creative when designing healthy recipes that you will love, or when adjusting old favourites to healthier versions. I learned how to bake with less sugar and managed to get my family involved in healthy cooking too, so that was fun!

In summer I started eating salads for breakfast – rather unorthodox I know, but a good way to get your five-a-day in! I also try to buy seasonal fruits and vegetables now, because if they are in season, chances are they are also locally produced and should be fresher and contain more vitamins. Need I say it is also eco-friendly and helps local producers?

Anyway, as a result, I feel better, lighter and I have more energy throughout the day. I don’t need to eat much because the better quality food keeps me fuller for longer. When I eat carbohydrates, I choose wholegrain and have small quantities. Having all this energy motivated me to exercise more. I can honestly and happily say that this new lifestyle has improved my overall wellbeing.

There have been times, of course, when I felt like I had other things on my mind and eating healthy became the least of my preoccupations. But these times were temporary and didn’t last long. No one is perfect, but I never forgot about my resolutions, because 2013 was just the start of an adventure that I hope will last much longer.

I'm already thinking about my resolutions for 2014. It will be along these lines: "Keep up the healthier lifestyle and add one new challenge" (I haven’t decided what yet).

I believe that doing things one at a time will bring greater success. This way if I add one challenge each year, it will be a slow but steady progress towards a life-lasting healthy me. One challenge per year gives me time to actually think about it: why I chose this challenge in particular, why it is important to me, and what this achievement will mean to me.

Alix, on the road to success…

About the Author: Alix Rech is 31 years old. She is from France but living in London, studying Nutrition and Health, and working as a nanny and image keyword editor. She has been blogging about healthful living since January at her blog, where you can also find many of her recipes.


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