How You Can Help Support Better Food Education For Free

How You Can Help Support Better Food Education For Free

Wed 15 Aug 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Supporting the Food Revolution and better food education for all is easy, here’s how you can get involved and help make a difference, all for free.

Children who plant their own fruit and veggies (1) are more likely to eat them and both children and adults who learn to cook make better food choices and are empowered with confidence when it comes to food. That’s why we believe that we need to bring back food education in order to fight the obesity epidemic and why we are developing and implementing programs in order to do so.

As you might have seen over the summer, we’ve been posting about how you can raise funds to support these food education programs (more information below) as you shop online for your back-to-school goodies. Whether it is stationary, uniforms, dorm furniture or lunchboxes, shopping at partner sites such as, and will help raise money for the Food Revolution at no extra cost to you!

All you need to do is download the free Food Revolution Giving Assistant and shop online to make your back-to-school shopping count this school year. Plus you’ll be entered to win an amazing T-fal 10 piece cookware set!

Forgotten what the Giving Assistant is all about?

Check out the below to get the low down on how you can easily support the Food Revolution for free this back-to-school and beyond!

What is the Food Revolution Giving Assistant?
The Food Revolution Giving Assistant is a free browser application that sits within your internet browser (available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer) and allows you to fundraise, at no extra cost to you, every time you are shopping online with one of our retail partners. Each time you make a purchase with one of our partners, our Giving Assistant redirects some of the revenue back to the Food Revolution. So you can help raise money for the Food Revolution without having to do anything different!

Where do the funds raised through the Food Revolution Giving Assistant go?
Funds raised for the Food Revolution through our Giving Assistant go towards the development and roll out of food education projects in the US through the work of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. Almost 4,000 people have been taught how to cook through the Food Revolution Big Rig Mobile Kitchen in California and Huntington’s Kitchen in West Virginia and this summer, with 100% of the funds raised through Food Revolution Day, we’re be rolling out our "Learn your Fruit & Vegetables" program to school aged children in the US and UK and running more cooking classes at the Ministry of Food centre in Ipswich, Australia.

Is the Food Revolution Giving Assistant safe?
The Giving Assistant is 100% safe. The only information collected is your user name and email address, which is protected under GlobalMojo, Inc.’s rock solid privacy policy and will never be shared with anyone without your explicit permission. GlobalMojo, the tech company that powers the Giving Assistant, is constantly monitoring regulations and making updates to the Giving Assistant, such as the latest 4.2 update, in order to remain up to date and meet compliance standards.

How do I download the Food Revolution Giving Assistant?
Downloading the Food Revolution Giving Assistant is really easy, simply follow this link:, click the ‘download’ button, followed by the ‘allow’ button on the top left hand side of your browser, a pop box will then appear, click the ‘install now’ button within in.

The toolbar widget showing total revenue raised!

Once installed, restart your browser and you are then ready to raise money for free for the Food Revolution. Simply select the ‘make it count’ button when shopping at our partner sites and a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Food Revolution.

Once the Giving Assistant is downloaded into your browser you’ll immediately see a fist and spoon icon on your browser’s toolbar. When you click this icon, a widget will pop open and let you know how much all users have raised for the Food Revolution, as well as how much you’ve raised individually.

How do I know who the retail partners are?

When shopping on a partner site, a notification bar will drop down at the top of the page to let you know you’re on a partner website.

The fist and spoon icon shows partner sites!

The notification bar will have a ‘make it count’ button – remember to click this so that a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Food Revolution.

Also, when searching products on Google, the Food Revolution Giving Assistant fist and spoon icon will appear next to the partner sites in your search results, so you can easily see which websites will support the Food Revolution.

You can also see a full list of partners here.

Make your purchase count

How do I know that my purchases are going to the Food Revolution?
As long as you click the ‘make it count’ button on the notification bar on our partner websites, you can rest assured that you’re making your purchases count.

How much of my purchase goes back to the Food Revolution?
It’s different for every partner website. Our partner websites typically give 1% to 5% of your online purchase to GlobalMojo, the tech company that powers the Giving Assistant. GlobalMojo then sends 50% of that to Food Revolution. The other 50% remains at GlobalMojo to develop and maintain the Giving Assistant.

What Are The Prizes?
As a thanks for your continued support of the Food Revolution, throughout the year there are certain prizes up for grabs for those that download the Giving Assistant, make purchases on partner retail sites and share the Giving Assistant with their friends on social media. These prizes range from Jamie Oliver cookbooks, to partner retail products such as T-fal cookware sets. Entries for prizes are carried over whenever you download the latest version of the Giving Assistant. If you have our Giving Assistant downloaded we’ll keep you updated on any new prize opportunities!

Any questions? Email us or tweet @foodrev and let us know!

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