Huntington’s Food Revolution Continues

Huntington’s Food Revolution Continues

Mon 26 Dec 2011

Story by Ashley Thompson

From being labeled the Fattest City in the US in 2012 to having Jamie Oliver and his team come to our 50,000 plus person city, Huntington has taken the Food Revolution and developed our own concepts in 2011. We now are known for the Huntington Revolution. Huntington and the surrounding Tri-State area have taken responsibility for learning how to eat healthier and cook with fresh ingredients.

Huntington’s Kitchen

Huntington’s Kitchen is a busy place! With starting most days out at 8am, the doors are always open and people are always in and out. You will see Food Revolution classes being taught, Cooking Matters nutrition classes going on, as well as many catering events and community meetings. Huntington’s Kitchen is not just a place to cook!

The environment of Huntington’s Kitchen motivates you to want to learn new, fresh ideas. The staff is an excellent touch as well. Andie Leffingwell, Kitchen Manager has a love for fresh foods and teaching others. Our Chef, Holly Tomblin is incredible - her ideas and teaching skills make each person whom walk into the kitchen wanting to cook. There is always a warm, tasty aroma when you walk through the doors.


The year of 2011 has been a year of development and reaching out more to our surrounding areas. With the Fresh Market which runs from early spring through late October is a hit through Downtown Huntington as well as at Cabell Huntington Hospital. We have really started something! It is a rewarding feeling when people want to buy fresh foods! And what an amazing connection we have made with our local farmers.

This project is not as easy as it may seem and without the help from our local hospital, Cabell Huntington, it wouldn’t be able to be done. We are grateful for their willingness to help and ongoing support.

If anyone is interested in donating to Huntington’s Kitchen or learning more about what goes on please go to our website, Huntington’

About the author: Ashley Thompson is the Director of Development for the Huntington Kitchen and has a passion for helping others. Being a part of the Food Revolution since Jamie first came to Huntington to tape the Reality Show and spending 2 weeks in the UK with his Food Team, Ashley has a passion and much better understanding of the importance of introducing as many people possible to healthier foods and ways to prepare them

Huntington's Kitchen


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