Introducing The L.A. Food Revolution Volunteers!

Introducing The L.A. Food Revolution Volunteers!

Wed 06 Jul 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The Food Revolution team is pleased to introduce a group of amazing volunteers who have been supporting the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation, the nonprofit organization created to support our mission on the ground in Los Angeles.

They have been working hard in recent months to gather your support, help us respond to your inquiries, and make real changes possible in Los Angeles. At the same time, they are expanding their knowledge of health, food, and movement-building. These young people come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share an appreciation for real, fresh, wholesome food. We look forward to collaborating with volunteers across the country in the future. Find out what makes them Revolutionaries!

Michele Wolff grew up in Connecticut where fresh, seasonal produce was not always abundant year round. Although she didn’t have access to local farmers’ markets in her backyard, she still managed to cook healthy, fresh meals regularly. Her growing appreciation for good food, health, and her physically active lifestyle led her to Los Angeles where she earned a Masters in Public Health degree from the Department of Preventive Medicine at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. Michele has experience working for a USDA-funded program that provides nutrition education to underprivileged youth in Los Angeles. Through her work with us, Michele hopes to share her passion for cooking and its important link to health with the rest of the country. She looks forward to connecting with other food enthusiasts to create positive changes to the food environment.

Carter Goffigon joins the team with charisma, passion and a life-long love of food. Growing up in a household that emphasized preparing creative and nutritious meals together, she has gone on to cook in multiple restaurants in the Los Angeles area, give cooking lessons to young children and get involved in Health Peer Education on her college's campus. Actively involved in the arts and trained as a dancer, Carter is particularly aware of the relationship between food, physical health and our social culture. As an avid follower of Jamie Oliver’s work, she is excited to be part of an organization that is diligently working to reconnect people with where their food comes from and the value of each ingredient’s integrity.

Melanie Castillo hails from Orange County and enjoys the beach, outdoor activities, and cooking. She just graduated from USC majoring in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, with a minor in Health Policy. Melanie is currently obtaining her Masters in Public Health degree at USC. Throughout the past four years of healthcare education and internships, her passion has always been childhood obesity prevention, which drew her to the Food Revolution. Melanie says, “It is a great organization with a mission that matches my own for a better future for Americans to be educated about food and cooking. Currently, I am working to educate and empower the parents of Los Angeles to get involved within schools to serve quality food. In my future career goals, I plan to work in health policy to better the quality of food in America and combat the obesity epidemic.”

Laura Berman is a Ph.D. student in Health Behavior Research in the Department of Preventive Medicine at USC's Keck School of Medicine. She is also receiving a Masters in Public Health in biostatistics and epidemiology. She holds a B.A. in economics from Tufts University, where she extensively studied public health disciplines. Though her interests and studies encompass a wide range of health conditions, Laura's research focuses on obesity in low-income minority youth and the influences of the media on health behavior and health policy. She has also worked in policymaking as an intern at L.A. Care Health Plan and is the manager for the mentoring program at, an online wellness network. Laura looks forward to continuing to learn from her work with the Food Revolution and to help in the fight for healthier food for all.

Marta Miguelena is excited to bring her passion for community health to her work with the Food Revolution. Being raised in a family with immigrant parents instilled in her a love for home-cooked meals and food culture. She was drawn to Los Angeles from northern California to pursue her studies at the University of Southern California where she completed her undergraduate education, receiving her bachelors in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies, and is now working on receiving her Masters of Public Health from the Department of Preventative Medicine at USC Keck School of Medicine. She is excited about working on community outreach and bringing Jamie’s food message to Spanish speaking communities in and around Los Angeles.

Main Image Left to Right: Michele, Carter, Melanie, Laura and Marta.

The Food Revolution Team


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