JOFR Season 2 Episode 2

JOFR Season 2 Episode 2

Wed 20 Apr 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution continued last night with the second installment of the Los Angeles based Season 2.

Last week’s premiere saw Jamie denied access to the Los Angeles School District (LAUSD), stage a sugar demonstration – to show the amount of sugar the 650,000 kids in the LAUSD are getting each week through sugary milk - and meet Dino, owner of family-run Patra’s Charbroiled Burgers. It was a busy week and just the beginning.

In episode 2 Jamie is still banned from all LAUSD schools so gains the support of local parents by dressing as a tomato with some other parents and distributing free healthy lunches outside the schools. His grass-roots efforts help him connect with West Adams Prep, a high school that works in partnership with the LAUSD but is run by the MLA Partnership serving South Los Angeles.

They allow him to teach the students about healthy cooking with one rule: he cannot go inside the cafeteria or the school kitchen. Jamie can’t believe how resistant the LAUSD are to his presence, he can only peek in to the school cafeteria through the window before he is asked to step away. The great news is that Jamie can take over the Culinary Arts classroom and its here he meets 10 students, his new gang.

One of the gang, Sophia, a 17-year-old student, tells Jamie about her family’s troubles with diabetes and her expectation of being diagnosed herself. Jamie knows that Sophia’s concerns are the concerns of many across the US and represents why the Food Revolution matters and is here to stay for the sake of the next generation.

The next day it is clear that the LAUSD are persistently trying to stop Jamie making any progress, armed with only a basket of vegetables, he arrives at the school to see a police cruiser at the entry. Overnight the LAUSD have been trying to stop filming at West Adams Prep, luckily they are allowing him to stay.

Jamie continues to educate Dino, the proprietor of Patra’s, about overhauling his menu and using fresher, healthier ingredients, but Dino is worried about losing business. Jamie offers to pit his own versions against Dino’s and even takes to the streets to ask the public what they’d pay for his Revolution Burgers – Dino agrees to take on the challenge.

The Food Revolution is progressing with baby steps!

Stay tuned! Watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Tuesday’s 8/7c on ABC.

If you believe our kids don’t need sugar in their milk, join our Sugary Milk campaign and sign up to bring back plain milk in schools.

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