Kids Across the U.S. Learn Their Fruits and Vegetables

Kids Across The U.S. Learn Their Fruits And Vegetables

Tue 20 Aug 2013

Story by The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation Team

Kids in the US get on average just 3.4 hours of food and nutrition education at elementary school each year and many kids are so out of touch with what’s on their plate that they don’t realize real food doesn’t come from a box. That’s why the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) has worked to create and launch the Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables Program for kids. JOFF (USA) has been working diligently with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) around the United States to help bring hands-on food education back to today’s kids.

The ‘Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables’ Program is a hands-on, educational program that helps students between the ages of 5-14 learn more about the food they eat. Through the program, students are taught the nutritional value of certain fruits and vegetables, and have the opportunity to enhance their cooking skills through simple and fun recipes.

This unique program, which launched in 2012, builds a foundation to get kids eating more fruits and vegetables and trying new ones they are not so familiar with. During each class, students gain knowledge on where the fruit and veg come from, how they grow and why they are good for them, there are also extended activities to engage students and extend the level of learning.

So far, 44 clubs across the United States have signed up, with the program reaching between 1100-1200 students across 9 states: California, New York, Kansas, Michigan, Arizona, Washington, Kentucky, Idaho, and Tennessee. This is in part due to the help of some of our Food Revolution Ambassadors who have been working on the ground to help bring the program to their local clubs.

This program has been a fun and engaging way of bringing fruits and vegetables back to the heart of snack time and teaching kids about real food and we can’t wait to see more kids across the U.S. getting stuck into their fruit and veg!

Register your interest in the JOFF (USA) Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables Program here.

Download our free sample pack of the program here, and check out this Pinterest board to see classes in action. If you have questions about the program or want to know more, email the team here.

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation (USA) Team

Photos: Taken at the Manhattan, KS, Boys and Girls Club.


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