Live Holiday Cooking From Our Global Line-Up Of Chefs!

Live Holiday Cooking From Our Global Line-Up Of Chefs!

Thu 22 Nov 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Impress your family and friends! Get some cooking tips on this month’s Chef Google+ Hangout

We never pass up an opportunity to watch and learn from a chef in action. We love learning new tips and seeing how those skills can be passed on to our friends and family.

For the last four months, the Food Revolution Team has worked hard to bring you real food discussions on topics such as school food regulations, volunteering in your community and celebrating real food and Food Day. We have learned so much and have been inspired by the work that is being done all around the world.

This month we are excited to announce our first global chef hangout!

This Google+ Hangout, on Nov 29 at 11am PST/7pm GMT (you can watch LIVE at will focus on holiday cooking tips from our global lineup of chefs. Our team of chefs will be cooking and sharing their favorite cooking tips and tricks. We have chefs from Canada, Greece, the U.K., the U.S. and more partaking in this exciting conversation! Now let’s introduce you to our strong team of chefs.

Shane Valentine - San Rafael, California
Shane is a JOFF Ambassador, an author of The Baby Cuisine Cookbook and an activist for the American Heart Association. You might even recognize him from our Food Revolution Day 2012 Google+ Hangout with Jamie Oliver. Shane and our Community Manager Sarah will be moderating from his home in San Rafael.

Barry Lewis - Weston Super Mare, UK
Three years ago, Barry was inspired by Jamie to learn how to cook. He decided what better way than to teach himself how to cook by filming his every step. That is where the idea behind My Virgin Kitchen began. He now has over 480 cooking videos on his website and YouTube! He might even be wearing a special costume on the hangout so stay tuned!

Eleni Melirrytou - Athens, Greece
Eleni is a JOFF Ambassador and loves to teach simple Greek rustic cooking for tourists visiting abroad. She has a cooking studio where she hosts all her classes surrounding real food and ‘leaving ingredients alone’.

Ben Kramer - Winnepeg, Canada
As the Executive Chef of the Diversity Food Services & Elements at the University of Winnipeg and a JOFF Ambassador, Ben has his hands full. Ben works at the University of Winnipeg, which was the first university in Canada to focus on fresh, local and healthy foods on campus and brings an accomplished restaurant background and a life-time of passion for the food industry to the campus.

Make sure to tune into our Chef Google+ Hangout on November 29th at 11am PST/7pm GMT on our Food Revolution Community page at

Do you have any holiday tips or questions for our amazing team of chefs? Please share them with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and tag it #foodrevhangout! We might even share your tip or question live on air during the hangout.

See you online!

The Food Revolution Team


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