Mealku, Sharing Homemade Meals Online

Mealku, Sharing Homemade Meals Online

Mon 13 Aug 2012

Story by Food Revolution Team

New online platform and cooperative Mealku allows home cooks to share their homemade meals and commits to donating funds to the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation!

What is Mealku?

Mealku whole-heartedly believe that good food should be universal and affordable.

Mealku is a homemade-meal cooperative that supports good food practices, community outreach, and local businesses. Their mission is to provide a place for everyone to find delicious, healthy meal options with easy access to locally-prepared food from trusted neighborhood home cooks.

Their platform allows home cooks to connect with one another, collaborate their efforts, and share valuable skills and wisdom.

“Every Mealku HomeCook is approved and welcomed into our cooperative by one of our amazing WelcomeCooks. WelcomeCooks make sure everyone cooks hygienically and wants to be part of our cooperative for the right reasons. No lazy, crazy or selfish people are allowed. All Mealku Members are wonderful and are deeply conscious of the need for fresh products (hopefully organic); clean practices and environment plus a propensity to share.” Team Mealku

Find out more at under the Food Safety First section.

How does Mealku Work?

Mealku acts as a middle man and provides everything from the reservations system, the pickup and delivery, and the containers to store the food. They have created a cooperative membership of vetted and like-minded home cooks that connects their food interests, concerns and motivations while allowing them to reattach meaning to what we eat, secure trust, establish real community, facilitate food discovery, economize time and reduce waste.

Mealku also manages a meal exchange between its members taking the ancient behavior and practice of sharing food / meal swapping and removes all of the barriers.

For the moment Mealku is a complimentary service.

How are Mealku Supporting the Food Revolution?

“We are delighted to announce that we have selected a cause partner to support the mission of our cooperative: Jamie Oliver's Food Foundation. Jamie's Food Foundation and their growing Food Revolution will be the primary recipient of our Monthly Cooperative Funding Commitment and we will be further supporting them and calling on all of you to step up in the coming months. As is the case within our own wonderful cooperative the logic is obvious: The more we combine and challenge to change the more likely that change will come.” Team Mealku

The Mealku cause partner is the non-profit organization that is most congruent with their mission and that their members most want to support via our Cooperative Fund –thank you Mealku for choosing us and joining the Food Revolution!

A Big Thank You and Good Luck!

We think Mealku and their support of home cooks is truly revolutionary. We look forward to seeing the cooperative grow and supporting each other in standing up for real food and better food education!

The Food Revolution Team


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