New Food Revolution Heroes!

New Food Revolution Heroes!

Thu 29 Aug 2013

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Our Food Revolution Heroes are people who are bringing the Food Revolution to life in their communities. They are combining their own passions and know-how with what they’ve learn from the Food Revolution, and helping to teach people about fresh and healthy food.

In honor of our ‘Get Food Education in Every School’ campaign which we launched back in May, our latest heroes are all working towards exactly this - bringing food education and hands-on cooking to schools across the U.S.

Food Education Heroes – August 2013

Deb Lewison Grant and Carolyn Cohen, Food Fight, NYC

Drawing on their own experience as former public high school teachers, Deb and Carolyn “started a FoodFight” because of what they saw as a lack of educational programming geared to address the complexity of issues impacting food choices.

They developed curriculum incorporating not only nutrition education, but also critical concepts of food politics, the power of advertising, consumerism and sustainability. Initially designed for high school students, FoodFight’s programming quickly evolved to include teachers and school staff who serve as important role models for students and key decision makers in shaping school culture.

Deb and Carolyn are working to educate and empower legions of FoodFighters to make healthier eating and buying decisions, and to demand healthier options for their communities. Find out more at

Kellie Karavias, Culinary Arts Houston Independent School District

Kellie Karavias was the first elementary Culinary Arts educator in Houston Independent School District (HISD), and by her own admission she states, “I’m just a girl who fell into the greatest job ever — educating kids to savor life.”

Ten years ago she was offered her dream job of working with at-risk students, combining her love for teaching with her passion for nourishing the whole child. In a time when the duplicity of childhood obesity and hunger/malnutrition sit side-by-side in the same classroom (sometimes within the same child), she felt it imperative to tie core academics with real-life experiential learning through edible education, knowing that growing, tasting, measuring, and making educated choices about food is the best way to address weighty issues as a society. It is Kellie's passion to make edible education academic, accessible, and achievable to all children during the school day. Her work has garnered attention from noted chefs (Alice Waters, Anne Burrell, and the Renegade Chef Ann Cooper) who have stopped by the culinary classroom as well as from ABC News Now and The Cooking Channel. You can follow her appetizing adventures at her current prek-8th grade school, Gregory-Lincoln Education Center:

Amber Stott, California Food Literacy Center

Amber Stott founded the nonprofit California Food Literacy Center in 2011 to fight childhood obesity by teaching low-income K-5th grade kids to eat smart.

In 2012, she worked with the California legislature to pass a resolution declaring every September Food Literacy Awareness Month in the state.

The nonprofit’s food literacy curriculum teaches kids how to cook, fruit and vegetable appreciation, nutrition, where food comes from, and more. After only three months in the program 90% of kids say healthy food tastes good. The nonprofit reaches 2,400 kids per year. Stott also created the Food Literacy Academy to train community members as food literacy teachers.

We’ll be adding more heroes before too long so stay tuned! If you want to nominate someone as a Food Revolution Hero or Professional you can do so here.

Here’s to bringing food education back and keeping cooking skills alive!

The Food Revolution Team


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