New Resources For Better School Food

New Resources For Better School Food

Wed 28 Nov 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

The School Food Revolution Continues

To mark the big changes to school food in the US starting this school year, we've made some big changes to our school food page.

This year has seen updates to school meal regulations taking place for the first time in 15 years. These updates, which include more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, less salt, less fat and limits on calories per meal were announced back in January and became effective at the beginning of July meaning that students across the US returned to a new school year and new school food after the summer vacation.

While for many schools, these changes are a big challenge, we’re continually inspired by the number of people working to meet them and the creative efforts being made by many schools across the country.

In order to help schools meet these new meal regulations and to educate parents on what they mean and how they can support their implementation, we’ve updated our school food page with new information and resources. After all, we all need to work together and support schools, lunch ladies and students in making sure these updates are implemented, and eaten!

New Resources For Better School Food

On our school food page you’ll now find all the information you need to find out about school food and what’s served, what the new meal regulations mean and what changes you can expect to see taking place in your schools. You’ll also see initiatives your school and community can get involved in and our library of resources, from amazing partner toolkits to organisations, campaigns and informative books and films we love! It’s your one stop shop for all things school food!

School food toolkits

Using these three toolkits, you’ll be able to find out exactly what's served both in and out of the cafeteria, garner support to help you in your campaign, and work with your school to help make a real difference. Get the facts on school food, what’s served in your local schools and information on how to find support from lunch ladies, students, parents and other key stake holders and start working with your school for make change.

Flavored milk toolkits

Flavored milk is an added source of sugar that our kids just don't need. These toolkits will arm you with the truth about flavored milk and added sugar and show you how to work with your school to limit or remove it from the menu.

Partner resources

Some of our partner organisations have created these three toolkits to help you build a stronger campaign, armed with even more information and options for change. Find out more about the whole lunch system and small changes you can make that make a big difference, state and local food policy options and information on creating a healthy vending environment in your schools.

Support tools

Our support tools provide all the information to back up your campaign for better school lunch. From finding out all the background information on school lunch and what the need regulations actually mean, to doing an audit to get the whole picture on the food served and using our charter as a set of values to go by when addressing changes, to finding out the hard facts on obesity and diet-related diseases.

Resources and links

There are so many amazing resources out there to help you educated on diet, nutrition and school food so we’ve created a library of these links and resources and updated this to include some new campaigns, organisations, studies and books and films that we love! Check out the list and get educated on the Food Revolution!

Big thanks to the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, ChangeLab Solutions, the CSPI and everyone that helped with these toolkits and resources!

School Foods Rule

We’re also creating a gallery of images which represent the new school meal regulations to show what can be served, and is in fact already being served in many schools across the country. You can check out this board at and if you’ve got some great pictures to share send them to us at

Let’s shine a positive light on school lunch and support the new meal changes, they’re a great step towards addressing the childhood obesity problem and nutritional shortfalls, but to really make a difference, we all need to support!

Visit, get the facts and start supporting better school lunches in your local schools!

Want to really get stuck in and support school food? Take our pledge here.

The Food Revolution Team

Images of school food are from St. Paul and Boulder Valley School Distrect and were taken from our new pinterest board.


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