Nine Year Old Sadie Kick Starts a Food Revolution!

Nine Year Old Sadie Kick Starts A Food Revolution!

Wed 15 May 2013

Story by Thomas Guffy

A Nine–Year-Old Sets Things in Motion

On May 8th I visited Heritage Elementary School in Milford, Michigan to kick off Food Revolution Day celebrations. My daughter, Sadie , played a large part in making this event happen. When I was talking about the Food Revolution with my wife (who is also a chef), Sadie overheard our conversation and said that I should to come to her school to promote the day.

Sadie had said in previous conversations that her mother and I should try to get involved with her school’s food program because she felt the food was not very good and was unhealthy. All this from a nine-year-old’s perspective! I told Sadie that I would be happy to come to her school and advised her to set up a meeting with her principal. Sadie set up the meeting and got things in motion for her own Food Revolution event.

Sadie went to school to meet her principal with my business card in hand, a letter with a brief description of the Food Revolution and an outline of a demonstration I would like to do for the students. The principal phoned me shortly after meeting with Sadie – the administration and teachers were excited about Sadie’s big idea!

Teaching Students about Good, Fresh Food

On May 8th along with my Regional Chef Manager, Chris Antoniotti, we demoed Jamie’s Simple Fruit Salad and gave out samples to all the students and teachers (650 people). We split up into 2 groups and went class to class (k-5). In each class we talked to the students about Food Revolution, healthy eating, the benefits of certain foods and stressed how easy and fun it is to cook from scratch.

We also donated Food Revolution and Jamie’s America Cook Books to put into their school library so students can check them out and to use them at home, and gave teachers Jamie Oliver recipe packets to distribute to the students.

Word Spreads Fast

I know Sadie is my daughter, but I'm hoping this little nine-year-old may have started something that could have a huge impact. I found out that so many of the kids from the school went home and talked about what went on in class that day. People were talking to my wife about it at the bus stop when they found out that I was the Chef that visited the school.

Moms were saying how much their children LOVED the fruit salad and could not get over how healthy it was eat.

My wife has received a huge response from parents on Facebook. I also spoke with the School’s Food Secretary and she wants to meet with me sometime this summer to make possible improvements and changes to the menus for the next school year!

Here’s to the Food Revolution!

About the author: Chef Thomas Guffy (a.k.a. Sadie’s Dad) currently works for Continental Services as the Executive Chef for the Google, Ann Arbor, MI office. Thomas has been the Google, Ann Arbor Chef for 5 years. Previous to that he was Executive Chef for the U.S.A.’s Men’s and Women’s Gold Winning Olympic Basketball team in London, England 2012, worked for Chef Shawn Loving and was the Chef at Loving Spoonful in Farmington Hills, MI from 2001-2007. Thomas also worked for Chef Gary Danko and Current Google Global Chef Scott Giambasitani at Viognier Restaurant in San Mateo, CA 1997-2000. Thomas is married to Wendy; has a daughter, Sadie and seven-year-old twins, Ian and Lilly.


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