No More Junk Food For 35,000 Springfield Students

No More Junk Food For 35,000 Springfield Students

Tue 17 Jan 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Food Revolution Community Voice on Springfield Schools

Last week, Springfield School District, MA, announced that they would be expelling caffeinated drinks and sweets from public schools, impacting 35,000 students. The move - which also sets limits on the levels of sugar, sodium, refined starches and saturated fats - comes after new nutrition standards were approved by the Public Health Council, which require schools to offer fruit and vegetables, whole-grain bread and 100 percent fruit juices. You can read the full article here.

Following this news, we asked our Food Revolution Community for their views and thoughts on this and whether their school district is following in a similar footpath. We wanted to know whether our revolutionaries are campaigning for similar changes and what the status of flavored milks, sodas and treats are in their local schools.

Below are just some of the many comments our community had to share on this topic! If you want to add a comment then head on over to our Food Revolution Community page and share your opinion too.

Nava Boogeyman Lucero Underberg: I don’t let my kid eat anything from the schools anymore. I supply everything she eats. But I am definitely glad to see more and more schools get a clue.
Verena Lisinski: This is a great start, however, it needs to be applied to the hot lunches, which for some children, might be their only (hot) meal of the day and in our town, they are just horrible.
Becky Dominguez Sacchetti: My son just started kindergarten this year and I could not get over the fact that they allow five/six-year olds the choice of chocolate, strawberry or "plain" milk at lunch!!! I even went to the principal's office to discuss this with her. I was passed along the lunch program who told me that they would rather see them drinking milk of any flavor than none at all! Hog wash!
Michele Yurechko: Our school doesn’t serve soda but we still serve flavored milks my daughter has accepted the challenge of ONLY drinking (white) milk at school lunch and I hardly ever give her soda.
Audra Topper-Young: In Canada they have changes a few things like the flavored milk sugar to milk ratio, and healthier option at the canteens, less junk options and low sodium requirements are in place even in our grocery stores, for the general public. So happy things are getting healthier for kids all over the world :) Thanks!!! Jamie your little revolution is growing all over. It just needed to be heard loud enough to be taken seriously!!!
Kelly Drescher: I'm so glad to hear this. The number of teens I see drinking "Energy Drinks" scares me. Trying to work with a teen that has one is quite a challenge.
Theresa Vlismas: I live in Mass! I was so excited to hear about this a few months ago! I know it's all because of spreading the knowledge of the Food Revolution! From the bottom of our hearts we thank you :) Knowledge is power!
Evelyn Cabantog: My son’s school only gives chocolate milk to kindergarteners... I asked my son why he couldn’t get white milk and he said they said they don’t get to choose until 1st grade what on earth!!
Susan Kay Sawyer: My granddaughter's school still has flavored milk, but kids aren't allowed to pack soda, nor does the cafeteria offer it.

What can we do?

Do you know what the food and nutrition policy is for your local schools? Are caffeinated drinks and sweets available? If you are not sure then why not find a time to visit your local school cafeteria and see for yourself what is available.

Don’t forget to also see what is on the lunch tray, snap a pic and add it to our school lunch photo wall to help us build a powerful showcase of lunches.

If you are not happy with the food served within your school, then you can help make change! Search our activist map for a local Food Revolution community group to join and work through our toolkits together to get the facts, find support and improve the food served in your local schools. You can find out how other schools have done so and get tips, advice and ideas here.

The Food Revolution Team


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