One Meal Together: Stories from My Canadian Kitchen

One Meal Together: Stories From My Canadian Kitchen

Fri 10 May 2013

Story by Sue Abell

What can inspire residents to cook more when they are surrounded by packages covered in health claims, enticing fluorescent cereals and a drive-thru option on every corner? Can a basket of lettuce, bag of potatoes and a cutting board lure them back into the kitchen?

In Burlington, Ontario, Canada we figured that if 18 children ranging in age from 8 to 13 could make “One Meal Together” from scratch independently and get a kick from both the process of cooking and eating together, then maybe a Food Revolution was a possibility across the city.

Welcomed into a home kitchen, the children were quickly divided into 4 stations with the ingredients and recipes for the following items: Chickpea Burgers, Mini-Beef Burgers, Baked Russet and Sweet Potato Fries and Best-Ever Salad.

Something magical happened the minute we said “go”. A calm quiet settled over the room as the children stood at their counters running a finger down the ingredient list and matching it to the colorful items on the counter. The Mason jar salad station glowed with deep greens and ruby reds, the sizzle from the oil raised the eyebrows of those sweating onions and grilling burgers and the giggles from the potato peeling boys were infectious. Although everyone marked the evening a success as we gobbled up our plates, the best proof that the Food Revolution “Cook It. Share It. Live It” slogan was alive occurred when two days later a mom got a text that her young sons were preparing dinner that evening with the “One Meal Together” recipes.

Bringing it to the Community

On Food Revolution Day our volunteers are challenging individuals and families in Burlington to create one or all of the “One Meal Together” recipes. The recipes will be available on the web, via social media and there will be copies available at the big day’s events. In addition, we have a full day’s schedule of cooking classes, learning sessions, an organic farm tour and so many more stops of interest around the city, all free to residents of Burlington and the surrounding areas. All of this is made possible because individuals and businesses believed in the Food Revolution message of keeping cooking skills alive by sharing knowledge and generously donated their expertise and resources.

Times and details will be updated on the Burlington listing on the Food Revolution Day website as they are finalized and be sure to follow us on Twitter @FoodRevBurlington and join the Facebook group “Food Revolution Day Burlington, Ontario, Canada”.

About the Author: Sue Abell is a mom, wife, personal trainer, fitness instructor and owner of a fitness and health organisation in Burlington. Although she had launched several challenges in her group over the years, she saw that the Food Revolution was an opportunity for passionate foodies in her community to unite and create even bigger change. After healing herself in 2009 from a painful stomach condition under the direction of Laurie Burrows, a friend and holistic nutritionist, Sue fell passionately in love with chopping and creating “real food”. Although Laurie passed in 2012 their quest continues even stronger to inspire others to take back control of their daily health, happiness and joy of life by simply cooking. It’s a Food Revolution ... thank you Jamie Oliver for this day!

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