One Month Until Food Day 2012

One Month Until Food Day 2012

Mon 24 Sep 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Food Day shoots for thousands of events in second year.

Organizers of Food Day are anticipating thousands of events big and small for the nationwide celebration and movement toward healthy, sustainable, and affordable food going into its second year, with over 800 events already on the map.

From presentations for healthy eating on a budget, to whole Universities hosting a weeks’ worth of events, Food Day celebrations are being planned all across the U.S. In Massachusetts, more than 200 school nutrition directors in 45 school districts are committed to participate in Food Day and will challenge students to "Eat Real" on October 24 and in Denver, the Denver Botanical Gardens, along with Denver Urban Gardens and other community partners, and with the support of Chipotle, will hold a free all-day festival with hands-on cooking demos for adults and kids and film screenings.

Pour One Out

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, the nonprofit providing national coordination for Food Day, is encouraging groups of young people to hold "Pour One Out" events, where participants get rid of cans or bottles of sugary soda. The group is also convening a conference on the future of food, which will be held at the United States Capitol Visitor Center. Hosted by Representative Chellie Pingree (D-ME), the Future of Food conference will ask leading thinkers on nutrition, agriculture, and economics to forecast what the food system might look like by the year 2050.

"The celebratory aspect of Food Day will help bring people in, but we want people to go away from Food Day events inspired about how they can change their diets for the better or how they can organize to solve food-related problems in their communities," said CSPI executive director Michael F. Jacobson. "It's a great opportunity for legislators, mayors, health departments, and governors to announce new initiatives increasing citizens' access to healthy, affordable food."

Are you planning to celebrate Food Day on October 24th? Be sure to register your event on the map, or search for one in your area to join.

Here’s to eating real!

The Food Revolution Team


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