One Young World 2012

One Young World 2012

Tue 18 Sep 2012

Story by The Food Revolution Team

Jamie Oliver returns to One Young World a month today!

Jamie at One Young World in Zurich

Last year, Jamie went to the One Young World (OYW) annual conference in Zurich, to address the OYW community on global food issues and this year we’re excited as he returns again to talk about the global Food Revolution.

Building Global Connections & Making A Difference Worldwide

In honour of Jamie attending One Young World, we’re connecting our Food Revolution Ambassadors up with One Young World delegates across the world in order to help continue the conversation over global food issues and further the Food Revolution movement. Both Food Revolution Ambassadors and OYW Delegates are individuals on the ground working for change in their communities and we believe by joining forces we can build a powerful team and make a real difference.

So far we’ve connected delegates and ambassadors in Belgium and Jakarta and we’re on the lookout for more!

Are you a One Young World delegate interested in real food, food education and joining the Food Revolution? If so, get in touch with us at to find out how you can get involved and help make a difference in your local community.

One Young World Pittsburgh

This year the One Young World conference is taking place in Pittsburgh. As we get closer to the conference, we’ll be updating you on what exactly Jamie will be doing there and how you can get involved and where you can watch.

In the meantime, the OYW team are leading ‘Wake Up Call USA’ and have organised a ‘Skip Your Lunch’ Day TODAY! Wake Up Call USA raises awareness for childhood food insecurity, and the aim of ‘Skip Your Lunch’ is to help feed a food insecure child through skipping your lunch today and giving all or a portion of your lunch money to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. Funds will be used to support the Food Bank’s local food pantries, providing nutritious food to children all across south-western Pennsylvania.

Interested in connecting with Wake Up Call USA and OYW ahead of the conference in Pittsburgh next month and starting a conversation in your community about real food and local food issues? Email us at

Want to become a Food Revolution Ambassador and take the Food Revolution into your home town? Find out more about our Community Ambassador program here, and if you are interested you can apply here!

The Food Revolution Team


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