people starting their own revolution

People Starting Their Own Revolution

Wed 05 May 2010

Story by Danny McCubbin

Since Jamie's Food Revolution aired in the States there has been an outpouring off support from people from across the country. We are receiving thousands of inspirational emails and letters. Here is a special story from Jennifer:

Dear Jamie,

I have followed your cooking for some time now. It began for me about 7years ago as I looked in the back seat at my 2 year old daughter munching happily on French fries, and I thought to myself, "What am I doing???" At this rate, eating this way 1 or 2 times a week, I am going to destroy her little body - not to mention mine. I was already nearly 200 lbs.

I began watching your cooking show and most especially loved the "Jamie at Home" show when it aired. I was so pleased to see and read how you did your garden and could not wait until the cookbook came to the States. I have always wanted to garden but have been too afraid since I kill most everything and your cookbook has given me the courage to just toss some seeds outside and see what happens!

During this time, as I researched how to get your cookbook before it was in the States, I remember reading about what you were doing in the UK to improve the quality of meals at schools. I remember thinking how much we needed it here in the USA! I remember thinking how I needed to write you then to come here! You can't imagine how happy I was to hear that your show Jamie’s Food Revolution was on here in the States!

We are a homeschool family, but due to the economy, we had to put the kids in public school this year. It is difficult. My daughter is already in the "at risk for obesity" category. The food at the school is horrendous! My kids, however, loved it. In the beginning, I priced the cost of school food against the cheapest way we could eat from the cheapest food store. It was nearly $2 cheaper for them to eat at school than to eat a bologna sandwich with chips and milk made by me. Neither was a good alternative.

My kids' food is just like the food in most schools: all the breakfasts at our school are free and it is all sugary cereals accompanied with a cheese stick. Lunch is not much better, either. It is usually mostly protein and carbs with the flavored milk. Here is a link to our food.

My kids are good eaters. We agreed that they could choose 2 of the "healthiest" meals that are their favorites that the school offers each week. I don't mind if they have a good breakfast and dinner. However, they must also agree to never drink the colored milk and must always choose the fruit or veg that is offered, although, I am not sure if it is from a can? Anyway, the rest of their lunches come from home.

One day, I sent in veggie sticks, cucumbers and tomatoes with hummus dip, sliced oranges, some WASA rye toast with avocado dip for my kids. My daughter came home and said the kids made fun of her lunch. One child said, "Your mom must be the "sickest" mom ever to make you eat that cr@#". It is a sad state when kids think good healthy food is a punishment and nothing but garbage.

Thanks to the changes in our lives over the last 5-7 years, I have lost 40 lbs, planted a garden with hope in our back yard, decided to return to homeschool and cook our way through your "Jamie at Home" cookbook. Next year as part of our homeschool curriculum I want to teach my children the joy of growing your own food and cooking healthy.

Thank you for coming to the USA and for caring. I hope you never give up and that all the powers that be will allow you to continue your show for many years to come. I hope you come to as many States as possible and that the sacrifice you are making in family, money, time, and effort will be well worth it.

I appreciate you, your staff, Mr. Seacrest and all those involved for caring and believing in this project to turn the future for our kids around. As I watch each week and see (albeit made for TV drama) all you must have to endure, I just want to THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You are an amazing inspiration.

About the author:
Danny McCubbin is the website editor for

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Since writing this article I have received an email from Jennifer letting me know that the seedlings that she and her children have planted are starting to grow. Well done to Jennifer and her children.


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