Plan Your Finale Party!

Plan Your Finale Party!

Tue 21 Jun 2011

Story by The Food Revolution Team

It’s finally come, the finale of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Season 2, this Friday Episode 6 shows at 9/8c on ABC. It’s been a rocky road for Jamie but an exciting journey with the LAUSD banning flavored milk, every battle counts! Join us by having your own Food Revolution Finale party this Friday. All you need to do is:

1. SEND your invitations Gather your friends, families and neighbors. If you are part of a Food Revolution Group then why not post an invite to all of the members? If you’re not part of a local group then you can search our activist map to find one or set up your own and become a community leader. New leaders receive a Welcome Toolkit and support from the team to start your own campaign locally. We are here to help!

2. COOK up some Food Revolution recipes You can browse and download some of our Food Revolution recipes here and plan what you’ll cook on Friday. Cooking is a great way to get the kids involved and enjoy some freshly made food, everyone can join in. Why not try making are recipe of the week, cupcakes with a berry glaze. Maybe some pizzas – you can make the pizza dough the day before – or the chargrilled chicken kebabs and potato wedges. If it’s hot, yogurt pops are an easy way to cool down. Remember to post your creations up on the Food Revolution Community page.

3. WATCH the show together and think about how it this season has related to your local issues and what you want to target. It might be that you want to get flavored milk banned next year or your school district may have already banned flavored milk but the school food is still largely processed or you want to spark a Food Revolution locally and get everyone cooking again. Find a local Food Revolution group or lead your own. You can start thinking about the issues you care about. Use the summer to take back your kitchen, start making fresh, homemade meals regularly, get the kids involved and see how this positively impacts your household and even community. Keep us posted on the Food Revolution Community page.

Jamie will be joining in too and LIVE tweeting along with the east coast airing of the show. Follow him @FoodRevTeam on Twitter at @JamieOliver and use the hash tag #FoodRevolution to join the conversation!

4. SIGN Jamie’s petition! Get everyone at your party to sign the petition. We want to reach 1 million, the more Food Revolutionaries we have the more impact we can make. It becomes harder and harder to ignore a growing army of revolutionaries; we can help everyone understand the importance of home cooking, good food for kids in schools and better awareness around where our food comes from. Stand up for the Food Revolution. America’s kids need better food at school and better health prospects. We need to keep cooking skills alive. Share the petition!

Post your finale party pics on to the Food Revolution Community page, tell us what you think about the Food Revolution and the ways that you are taking part.

Happy Finale Party!

The Food Revolution Team


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